Defining Success & Unleashing The Entrepreneur Within (Podcast Interview)

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rebel Black about my rural beginnings and entrepreneurial journey to success. Rebel is the co-founder of THE Rural Woman and chief inspirer of gifted, rural entrepreneurial women all around the globe. We had a real blast!

It gave me tingles and even some tears when I listened to it Saturday morning — just thinking about how far I’d come and what I’d learnt along the way — battle scars and all.

So I thought you might like to listen…

Here’s the low-down on we discussed:

  • what  success means to me as an entrepreneur
  • how my rural beginnings – and the rural community has empowered my business growth
  • what  the challenges have been in starting up in a rural community
  • what  I would do differently (hint: it’s not what you think!)
  • why be an entrepreneur, why not just be an employee?
  • and what has changed for me in the way you approach biz since I started?

As you may already know, I started my entrepreneurial journey in Wagga in regional NSW when I moved back home from the big smoke (Sydney) at the age of 24. I was completely naive but full of gusto and started my very first design business, BRB Creative, which I still have to this day.

It feels like a lifetime ago now but since then (13 years ago) I’ve started and sold an online art business, Artlounge, launched Web123 and grown it to what it is today, and am now looking to help designers and clients on a more global scale with our new software platform, due for release  soon.

I can tell you it’s been anything but easy, but I have learnt a hell of a lot in that time which I share with Rebel in this interview.

If you’re one of my rural (or not so rural) soul-sisters, I’d love to you join me and listen in.

And of course, if you are instead one of my awesome business brothers in arms, you might like to listen too. If I can just flick one single business lightbulb on for a fleeting moment and improve your journey in some minuscule way, I’ll be one happy country girl!

To find out more about Rebel Black and connect with her awesome community of rural women, visit her website here, where you can create the kind of nurturing, long term supportive framework we were missing in our journey to bloom.

Rebel provides motivational, inspirational and educational content, articles, stories, resources, training and connection specifically for entrepreneurial rural women who want to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Thanks for reading and/or listening; until next week, wishing you all the success you so damn well deserve!


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