Everyone says Google rewards freshness, and that’s true… but it isn’t the whole story.

The problem is that some people in the industry (especially the dodgy SEO companies) take ‘freshness’ to the extreme. They think they’re going to get top rankings because they spin a lot of fluff that no one wants to read. Well, guess what? They aren’t!

Google hates low-quality content so please don’t waste your money by hiring a cheap overseas company to push out low-grade content that doesn’t engage anyone…it just stinks!! But luckily there are other ways to get good rankings…

Google has over 200 signals towards deciding who gets top ranking and freshness is only one of them!

Google themselves has even been quoted as saying not every Query DeservesFreshness (QDF). Sure, if your website is based on topical events and issues then yes it makes sense that your freshness is rewarded by higher rankings. But if you have a business website where information is less time sensitive, and more value driven, then you shouldn’t be killing yourself trying to create new content every day.

The good news is that Google is also judging your site by the quality of your website design and user experience, for example how long visitors are engaged on your site.


We still advise you keep your website up to date with fresh (and good) content because it rewards repeat customers and improves their experience each time they return. But if people really like your posts they can hold a good ranking even if it’s old. For example we just noticed there is a blog of ours on affordable web design that is still ranking #11 on Google one year later! We didn’t do anything special for that to happen (and it’s a very competitive term) so visitors must like it… which means Google likes it!

What to do…

So, if you’re time poor, concentrate on making your website as easy to navigate and as enjoyable an experience for visitors as possible. And when you get the inspiration for writing an article that could really improve your customer’s lives in some way… go for it!!

Remember, quality has always, and will always, count!

Do you agree? Let us know what you think!

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