Client Update: Improved Statistics, new Webmail

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We’re always busily working away behind the scenes here to improve what our clients get, and what they can do with their websites. This week, I’ve got two things to announce – major improvements to the Statistics and Reports in your website, and an upgrade to Webmail. There’s plenty more coming soon, so stay tuned.

Major upgrade to your Site Statistics

As we grow, and our clients grow, we’re having to crunch ever more data – and sometimes we hit bottlenecks. Over recent months statistics have run noticeably slower, particularly for clients who get a lot of traffic – so we’ve been working for a while in the background to fix the speed issue and also add extra depth to the information.

Here’s some of the key changes:

  • Huge speed improvement in all areas of stats
  • Traffic and Sales activity (if you have a shop) are now shown on separate graphs
  • Social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) are now segmented from other traffic more clearly – the same goes for common webmail sites including Gmail and Hotmail.
  • Statistics are broken into separate tabs, which can be refreshed individually (click the green refresh icon at the right-hand end)
  • Keywords can now be viewed individually, showing you the traffic, sales, and ranking history for individual keywords. This is very useful if you’re doing SEO to help you monitor the results.

As always, your statistics exclude any traffic from computers that you’ve logged in from as an administrator, and any search engine spiders or bots – so what you’re seeing is the number of visits, page views, etc, from people other than yourself – actual visitors. Actual potential customers.

We’ve got more changes in the pipeline to stats, including the ability to better track where traffic on individual pages is originating from and going to – so stay tuned.

Also – if you’re among those of our clients who watch their statistics closely, you will have already noticed this – we rolled the changes out over the Easter weekend, but have spent the time since then fine-tuning the changes and we’re now happy with the speed and depth of information available.

New, improved Webmail

One common question we get asked is how our clients can access their email while away, or not at their own computer. To help with this we’ve rolled out an improved webmail setup for all Web123 clients. This can be found by heading to in your browser – you’ll need your full email address and password to get in. This address will work in any recent web browser, or even from smart phones (including iPhones) or tablets (including iPads).

In most cases you will have configured your computer to connect using POP3 – which means emails aren’t left on our server, but are downloaded to your computer when you connect and then removed from our end. If this is the case, webmail will show any new emails since you last collected emails at your home/office. If you’ve set your email up usingIMAP, you’ll be able to see your old email as well.


We’re always keen to know what you’d like to see more (or less) of – so please do send us your thoughts or comments on anything in the system or our website.

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