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4 Reasons Your Blog Readers Will Return Time and Time Again

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So you’ve crafted the perfect blog and even managed to convince people to come and read the occasional blog post. However this is just half the battle. Getting people to come to your website is one thing, but convincing readers to stay is a whole other thing. Thankfully, in the day of emails and social media, encouraging people to return…

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3 Questions You HAVE to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Blog

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If you’re thinking about starting a blog for your business, first of all let me say “CONGRATULATIONS!” Making that decision to run a blog is a big decision to make, and one that will be a massive asset for your business moving forward. Benefits of having a blog include: Attracts more quality visitors via search engines. Shows your clients that…

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How to Make Your Website More Profitable Overnight

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You’ve probably heard us say before that there’s two main factors that breed success when it comes to websites: Traffic Conversions If you’re like most budding entrepreneurs (and I’m sure you are) you’ve identified a juicy gap in the market and created an amazing offer to fulfill those needs in an innovative way. No doubt you’ve created a website (or…

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My top 2 tips (and a to-do!) for writing great pages

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Here’s some easy pointers that really can help you get more enquiries and/or make more sales…. just by making a few simple changes to your website copy.    Getting your content right is so important if you want your website to convert… but thankfully it isn’t rocket science! If you break it down into common-sensical ideas then it’s pretty easy really! First you should identify the…

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How to Write An eBook For Maximum Conversions… 3 Simple Steps For Success

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Discover our formula for creating super-sales converting eBooks quicker than you can scoff a midnight kebab on a Friday night. Oh and it’s completely pain-free… unlike your Saturday morning hangover! Are you an eBook virgin? If you find the task of creating some sort of ‘lead bait’ (like this eBook to your left) to increase your website conversion daunting, whether…

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Top title tags for more clicks in ten minutes.

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You made it! This is the final installment of SEO month and I’m going to spend it harping on again about the importance of Title Tags & Meta Descriptions. I know, the non-geek in you is screaming “noooooo I can’t deal with more techy SEO guff” but I assure you this stuff is really simple and it’s really important. Did…

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