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Where Are Aussies Socialising?

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Find out what the biggest social platforms in Australia are… you might be surprised!     It seems Australian web users are a social lot. Half our ENTIRE population uses Facebook let alone all the other social options; that’s a LOT of reasons why you should have a social strategy for your business. But, which platform to choose? To decide…

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10 Tips To Get Top Results On Twitter

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If your customers are on Twitter then you need to be there too, and you need a strategy of how to reach them. Firstly assume your audience follows more than a few people (because if they’re active on Twitter they will have a growing list of people/brands they like) therefore you also have to assume their news feed is very…

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How Google+ helps you work smarter

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Get a Google+ account and start interacting! We tried to avoid it but a Google+ account seems inevitable. It’s social networking+ a lot more! Updates made on Google+ dominate Google results (as you’d expect!) so you can’t afford to ignore it. If you use it well you’ll get lots more people reading your posts… and you’ll get more traffic! You…

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