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Guest Blogging: The #1 Way To Build Quality Links To Get More Traffic

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Last week we promised to let you in on our #1 link building trick. It’s our personal favourite because it’s brought us countless new leads every day and masses of traffic to our site. This link-building technique is working hard for us, and it can work for you too. And, strangely, it’s kind of an ‘old-school’ idea that doesn’t require technical skills at all… Why…

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Search Engine Rankings: Why Impatience Could Get Your Site Banned…

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If you have a website, you probably think about your search engine rankings a lot. Getting on the first page of Google for your main keywords is pretty much what everyone online wants, including me! The thing is that this doesn’t happen overnight, and the waiting game is a killer. But you must! If you fail the waiting game and…

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Game-changing ideas for your business

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Space is really cheap… so use it! The web is changing. Gone are the days when you relied on a pricey website designer to create a pretty brochure site that was rarely updated. Space is cheap… and here’s a highly-converting way to use it! All visitors have a specific question they want answered. Unfortunately your home page can’t answer them…

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How Google+ helps you work smarter

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Get a Google+ account and start interacting! We tried to avoid it but a Google+ account seems inevitable. It’s social networking+ a lot more! Updates made on Google+ dominate Google results (as you’d expect!) so you can’t afford to ignore it. If you use it well you’ll get lots more people reading your posts… and you’ll get more traffic! You…

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Content Marketing

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Everyone says Google rewards freshness, and that’s true… but it isn’t the whole story. The problem is that some people in the industry (especially the dodgy SEO companies) take ‘freshness’ to the extreme. They think they’re going to get top rankings because they spin a lot of fluff that no one wants to read. Well, guess what? They aren’t! Google hates…

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