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Here's the best resources for online marketing and SEO

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Would you like to see our master list of SEO and online marketing resources? Sure you would… A lot of small business owners must be in planning mode, because we’ve been receiving a lot of the same sorts of questions. Mainly, ‘how do I teach myself online marketing?’ and ‘how do I get my website ranking on Google without a…

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Rank Higher in Google: Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation (Pt 3)

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Today I’m feeling generous… so as part of my “A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimisation” series I’m going to reveal to you the answer to one of the biggest mysteries in the universe to date. And no it’s not “what is the meaning of life”… the question is: WHY is my competitor able to rank higher in Google than…

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Poor Blog Numbers? 9 Secret Tricks to Dramatically Increase Your Visitors

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Without a doubt, the biggest challenge that blog writers have is getting people through the door of your blog in the first place. Previously we talked about how to get people to return time and time again, so today I’m going to show you 9 quick ideas on how to promote your website to a whole host of potential customers. 1)…

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4 Reasons Your Blog Readers Will Return Time and Time Again

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So you’ve crafted the perfect blog and even managed to convince people to come and read the occasional blog post. However this is just half the battle. Getting people to come to your website is one thing, but convincing readers to stay is a whole other thing. Thankfully, in the day of emails and social media, encouraging people to return…

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How to Make Your Website More Profitable Overnight

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You’ve probably heard us say before that there’s two main factors that breed success when it comes to websites: Traffic Conversions If you’re like most budding entrepreneurs (and I’m sure you are) you’ve identified a juicy gap in the market and created an amazing offer to fulfill those needs in an innovative way. No doubt you’ve created a website (or…

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New Software Features for October 2013

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You didn’t think that once you got your site that we would forget about you? Nooooooo, we wouldn’t do that! We’re always looking for ways to evolve and improve upon your experience with your Web123 website and its Content Management System (CMS). It’s what makes our relationship special. In case you’re not aware, we automatically upgraded YOUR website software with…

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