Our Web123 Video!

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It’s so easy to create a video, so we took the liberty to provide you with an example of what our own testimonial would look like. Watch our video now! Our video isn’t flawless and we didn’t hire any actors, we just used our crew and made the video fun and entertaining for everyone.   To give you an idea…

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Very Pinteresting: 8 Reasons Why Pinterest is Irresistible for Small Business

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Pinterest is no longer the niche network it started as. The social bookmarking site has skyrocketed overnight into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Wondering what the hype is about? Here are 8 reasons why Pinterest is irresistible for small business. 1. Wildfire Growth Pinterest gained international attention when it became known as “the fastest…

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WIN: Ultimate Business Accelerator Package

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You probably already know that Web123 is all about helping small businesses. In fact, it is the #1 reason we do what we do! To help small businesses even more than we already do, we’re teaming up with Small Fish Business Coaching for a very special promotion. Get excited! This prize is so amazing we’re literally having to bite our…

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How to Create 101 Content Ideas in 60 minutes or less

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This blog was originally written for Australian Businesswomen’s Network herbusiness blog on the 15th February, 2012 – by Bianca Board  If you’re in small business, chances are you need to become a publisher to survive online. The way people buy these days has changed dramatically. Your buyers seek out information when they want and how they want, whether you like it…

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Facebook Australia: 2011 Stats Revealed

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The whole world is buzzing about Facebook, but 2011 was a particularly big year for social media here in Australia. Have you or your business joined Facebook this year? Find out just how massive 2011 was for Facebook Australia and which businesses have been rocking social media better than the rest.   Wildfire Growth With roughly 100,000 Aussies creating accounts…

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2012 Predictions

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2012 is the year that the Mayans predicted would be the end of time, the year Obama goes up for re-election, and the year of the London Olympics. While some predictions are more probable than others, having an eye on the future is a fun (and potentially very profitablel!) thing to do for your small business. We asked the Web123…

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