Brand New Facebook Feature, Small Businesses Start Promoting!

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Hey Small Businesses, this new Facebook Feature is perfect if you’re running a quick campaign. Facebook has added in a new ‘Promote Your Page Posts’, where you can pay a fee to promote the post you’re putting on your Facebook Page. This allows for you to reach a larger number of followers.

So why is this so good for small businesses?

As you’re aware, Facebook isn’t the friendliest for small businesses. With this new feature small businesses can now spend a small one-off amount on a page post that will reach other people than just their ‘likers’.




Now before you get all too excited, you do need 400 likers or more to have this feature on your Facebook Page. Once you have your 400 likers, you’re free to promote as you like.

Another great thing about this feature is you can insert your own budget for example $5, $10 or $15 etc. and the feature will tell you the estimated reach, which in our words is: how many people will see your post.

Basically this feature allows you to do a one-off Facebook Ad. You don’t have to promote new posts either. You can promote posts that are up to three days old, and you can target people based on their location or language.

So how can you utilise this?

Off the top of my head I see it as a chance for small businesses to generate a greater following, spread the word about a new product and direct people to your website, or even promote a competition. There are many ways you could use this feature.

If you want to find out more information about it you can visit the Facebook Help Page here >>

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