Best Practices for Charity Websites

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If you have a charity website, it’s because there’s something you strongly believe in and want others to understand your cause.Here’s how to get the most out of not-for-profit or charity websites.

1. Make your mission clear

The whole point of your organisation is centred around a cause. Use your website as a platform to explain who you are, why your cause is important, and what you as an organisation are doing to help that cause. Try to write your content from an outsider’s perspective:
Who are you, who do you help, and how do you do it?

2. Make it easy to contribute

Whether via financial donations or volunteering time, encourage contributions by making the process as simple as possible. Use clear language with calls to action like “Donate here” “Register to help here”

3. Explain how contributions will affect your mission

What will a $10 donation do for your organisation? or $50? No one wants to dump funds into an arbitrary fund that may or may not be going anywhere, so
make your funding goals clear and explain how every donation helps.

4. Tell stories

There is no sales pitch more compelling than a story that illustrates why you’re doing what you do. Talk about the people who have inspired your mission, how you came to be involved, or what positive differences you’ve already made to people’s lives.

5. Use imagery

Similarly to how a great story can grab a reader’s attention and motivate them to help a cause, quality images can do the same on charity websites. Use photos to show what you’re doing and how you’re making a difference.

6. Connect events & news

Is your charity hosting a drive? Will you have a booth at a conference? Are there other organisations related to your cause that have been in the news? These are great things to feature on your site.

7. Be gracious

Tell your supporters how much you appreciate them and their donations!

Non-profit’s guide to a profitable charity website:

  • What action do you want the person to take from the site? Make it easy for your visitors.
  • Make it simple to donate. Explain exactly where that money goes and whether or not it’s tax deductible.
  • Explain your cause! Try looking at it from an outside perspective — how hard is it to figure out what you support?
  • Be gracious.
  • Make the content easy to share.
  • Do you need volunteers? Make it easy to help. Provide a list and explanation of positions needed.
  • Don’t hide your address/phone number. Keep that credibility.
  • Make your website media friendly; does your cause get press? Feature News and Events on your website.
  • Check out our list of resources for Charity and Not-For-Profit websites.

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