Best FREE Ways to Promote Your Website Via Social Media.

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You can’t afford to ignore social marketing anymore.

The reality is that ever since the social media craze began, your customers now spend a lot of their time on all kinds of online platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , YouTube… people consume information in numerous ways. They also research new products in new ways, and when it comes to social media, they place a LOT of importance in what their online friends think.

So the danger is this… if you and your brand isnt using social media in some way, if you’re not connecting with people in the online space, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to interact with new potential customers.


Social marketing gives you a golden opportunity.

At a glance it may seem annoying that you have to work with this fandangled social media stuff, but the reality is that it’s one of the best things to happen to the internet since the cyber sliced bread.

Before social came along, the only way you could regularly communicate with your customers was by email. However the problem with email is that you are competing against all the junk mail that floods into your customer inbox.


5 great things about social media:

  1. It’s easier to target users who are generally interested in your product.
  2. Social media messages are generally more trustworthy.

  3. You can encourage feedback and debate with your audience.
  4. You can get great insight into what your audience is thinking.
  5. You get more opportunities to expose your customers to your products.

So what is the golden opportunity? It’s simple…. a social media presence allows you to not only reach customers you wouldn’t otherwise reach, but also reach the same customer multiple times through your websites, their Facebook, their Twitter etc.


Did you know promoting via social media sites can be free?

Many of the promotional activities on social networks are FREE. Yep one of my facourite words!

I want to share some of my favourite ways to promote your website using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Promoting on Twitter.

You know Twitter right? It’s amazing how such a simple idea took off. You post a message (or “tweet”) that’s 140 characters of less, and people can follow or respond to you. Pure genius and perfect if you are an authority in your line of work and have regular advice or inspiration to disperse to your fans.

The good thing with Twitter is that if you regularly post relevant and fun tweets, you will naturally collect Twitter followers (especially if you use #hastags to promote your Tweets further) who can in turn go to your site.

A free twitter idea to promote your business…

There is a website I’ve come across called ‘Click to Tweet’, which you can use to quickly and easily allow your readers to share your content on Twitter.

It does exactly what is says on the tin… you can create a unique hyperlink which you can place on a link on your page. When your reader clicks on the link and it will automatically tweet your page.

An example just for you!

The best way to this work for you is to create a strong and positive call to action, and ask your readers to click on a link. E.g. ‘Click here RIGHT NOW to share this amazing blog with your friends’.

When you click on the above link NOW, you will see that it will open up you Twitter automatically. How powerful is that?

What will this do? Simple! It will make sharing your amazing content easier for your readers, and in turn, increase awareness of your website on Twitter.

You can setup your very own ‘Click to Tweet’ here.

Who is this perfect for?

If you run a blog with particularly useful or specialist information, you can use ‘Click to Tweet’ to create a strong call to action to help share your most valuable content.

Sometimes just having a Twitter symbol and expecting your readers to click on it isn’t enough… but by asking them to “share with your friends by clicking here”, you will naturally see an increase in your exposure on Twitter.

Promoting on Pinterest.

Pinterest is kinda similar to Twitter. But instead of words, people can share their thoughts and inspirations visually instead. It’s exactly what graphic designers like me have been crying out for… but it’s also perfect for companies who deal in fashion, architecture, baking… basically anything that works with visual strong products or services.

With Pinterest you can share images online via a series of virtual ‘pin boards’. And if your business’ ‘pin board’ have followers, they can then re-share your images to their followers.

A FREE Pinterest idea to promote your business…

Like with Twitter, if you regularly fill your Pinterest board with relevant and fun imagery, then you will naturally gain followers who will go to your site.

But one promotional idea that is widely used by Pinterest users is something known as ‘Pin To Win.’ There are a few variations of it out there, but in general they are competitions where companies encourage people to:

  • Register their participation.
  • Follow the brand official Pinterest board.
  • Share a specific pinned image.

As you can see, if you have a passionate following, this is a great way to spread awareness of new products around to your Pinterest followers AND their followers.

Here are some great examples of ‘Pin To Win’ contests here.

Who is this perfect for?

‘Pin To Win’ can be done by anyone, but it’s naturally suited for ecommerce sites with visually strong products.

Fashion is a great example of this, as you can use Pinterest and ‘Pin To Win’ competitions to allow your followers to share their favourite shoes, dresses and outfits from your range of products.

Promoting on Facebook

Facebook hey? You knew the big daddy of social media was coming up. Nowadays you just presume someone has a Facebook and your socks are practically blown off when someone says they don’t have one.

Which just goes to show just how powerful collecting and promoting to Facebook fans can be. The real trick is to steadily grow your Facebook fan base and then feed those fans regular and useful information. The more loyal and trusting they are of your brand, the more likely they are to become customers and recommend your products to their friends.

A FREE Facebook idea to promote your business…

It’s pretty simple… if you regularly offer your fans free and useful information (blog posts, relevant news, new product launches), then people will naturally respond to your posts by liking, commenting and sharing them.

When they do this, their friends (who likely have similar interests) will get notifications in their Facebook feed about your article, thus increasing the awareness of your products and branding.

If you want to encourage this behaviour, you can also ASK!

Ask your Facebook followers to comment, ask them to share your post, ask them to like your post… you’ll be amazed how effective it can be to cheekily ask. However just don’t do it ALL the time, as people may get fed up with you!

And one final tidbit, you don’t have to just limit your posts to just your own Facebook page… if you’re product appeals to a specific interest group, have a hunt on Facebook’s search bar to see if you can find any groups or pages full of a people who will be interested in what you have to say.

Who is this perfect for?

Anyone who has an audience who are passionate about your product and the industry you’re within. Facebook is great for people with opinions, so if you have an audience who want to respond, share and criticise your ideas… then let them!

Promoting on YouTube

YouTube was one of the original social media sites out there, but interestingly enough, not many people see it as a social network site.

But it is… you create an account, watch videos, and you have the ability to like / dislike videos and comment on them. If that dosen’t sound exactly like Facebook, then I don’t know what does!!!

The trick to getting the most out of YouTube, as a social media platform, is in how you use your videos. Don’t just upload a video… YouTube has come along way now, and you can now place links within your videos to other videos you run or even to pages which are relevant to the video’s subject.

And you don’t necessarily need to be flashy. Some of the best videos I follow are from people who just have something useful to say and a camera to say it to. You don’t always need flashy graphics to make a video relevant to people.

6 FREE YouTube ideas to promote your business…

Here are a few pointers that can help you help promote your business through YouTube.

  • Upload videos that are designed to answer people’s burning questions.

  • Or if you’re not creating a video based on answering a question,create a video designed to ignite passionate debate.

  • Don’t be afraid to piss people off with what you talk about! That’s what creates great comments under your videos.
  • Encourage people to watch other videos you have uploaded by including links to them in your video.
  • In your videos encourage people to subscribe to your channel. You can also ask them to like, share and comment on your video, but try not to make too many demands of your viewer.
  • Include links in your video to a relevant page on your website.

If you use this methodology for a large part of your video upload strategy, you can steadily grow a loyal viewership on YouTube, promote your product and services, and drive traffic to your site in the long run.

Who is this perfect for?

Creating a YouTube fan base is a great way to promote your product if you work within an industry which naturally creates complex questions which needs answers. This could be from something as technical as home renovation, to something as creative as web design.

Ultimately If you know enough about something, or if your product or service can help solve key problems or questions that people will search for, then regularly contributing to YouTube channel can be the perfect way to build a social audience for your website.

So what are you waiting for? All of the above ideas only take ten minutes!

The final trick to making your making your social media work for you is to use is “little and often.”

Remember, it doesn’t take long to post up a question on Facebook, say a little pearl of wisdom on Twitter, or pin an inspiration drawing on Pinterest. Typically JUST regularly using these sites will naturally increase your followers, and in turn drive traffic to your business.

Need any more ideas? Then why not drop me a message below, and I’ll see if I can come up with something for you 🙂

Wishing you the best in all your online success! x

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