ANOTHER 7 Best Website Features You Should Have (Part 3)

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August is a special month here at Web123. It’s the month to have a good hard look at your site and make a conscious decision to make those significant changes you’ve been meaning to make for a while.

No more putting it on the backburner for you, noooooo. August is THE best time to get this website rockin’! Trust me, I’m a web doctor okay?

But what website change will make you the most money?

And that’s why so far this month I’ve given you 7 solid ideas every week on how you can improve your website. And when I say improve, I mean:

  • Increase your enquiries!
  • Boost your sales and…
  • Jam pack your bank account with more profits!

In fact if you missed it, you can see the first 14 website feature boosting ideas below:

I hope you’ve been keeping up by adding a few changes every week because there is no time to rest! We’re going to continue squeezing every single drop of potential out of your website right now by telling you yet ANOTHER 7 top ideas that you can use to push your website to the max.

So let’s continue the countdown! You can start from number 1 by clicking here.

15. An Outwardly Focused “About Us” Page.

I know this sound a little contradictory. Having an ‘About Us’ page is all about YOU isn’t it? Isn’t it your opportunity to tell the world how amazing you are and why they should trust you over your competitors?

Well yes. And no.

Firstly an “About Us” page is important because you’re always going to have customers who want to know about your business  and the people behind your products and services they’re buying. It’s also though more importantly your opportunity to inject some personality and authority into your site by telling your customers why you know your stuff and why you’re the right person to solve their problem.

Here’s a grab from our About Us page.


However there is a fine line you need to follow. Let me put it this way… imagine if a millionaire walks into a bar a sits down next to you and your friends and tells you just how amazing they are, how much money they make, and how much faster their car is than yours then asks you to buy their stuff.

You’re more likely going to punch them in the face than buy them a drink aren’t you?

However, imagine if the millionaire sat down and told you how much they earnt AND how you too can earn that much by following their advice and learning from their mistakes. Soon you’ll be the one driving the fast car and being awesome, and you’re positively climbing over yourself to buy them a drink and keep them talking.

That’s how your “About Us” page should work. Tell your readers who you are and why you’re a success, but ALWAYS make sure you bring it back to them. Let them know how you can help them, how you can solve their problems and how you can make their life easier / better / richer / more successful etc. Your “About Us” page should sell them a better version of themselves.

16. Including Some Sort of Guarantee.

If you’ve been to our website, you’ll no doubt of seen our web design money back guarantee on there.

Now obviously the viability of offering a guarantee will vary depending on what product or service you offer, however if you can we suggest you take a chance on offering a guarantee as more often than not, the advantages outweigh the negatives.Unlike ours, it doesn’t have to be a money back guarantee, but it does send a strong message when you put your money where your mouth is. For us it works really well… because it says:

“We are so confident that you will love our design work, we

will give you back your money if you don’t like it.”
In one fell swoop we’re eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to people buying a Web123 website, it strikes confidence in the heart of our clients and offers them that safety net that so many people look for in an online purchase.

And to this day, not one person has ever claimed on our guarantee… and that is why we will continue to offer it.

So if you’re confident in YOUR service or product… offer a guarantee. Trust me, your new customers (and website conversion rate) will appreciate you for it.

17. Sneak In a Recognisable Brand.

If you’re a new guy in the playground that is your industry, you’ve got a lot of work to do. Especially if you have competitors who have been around longer and are therefore more established and reputable than yourself.

And sometimes it’s not fair! Because despite being more “reputable”, often many of these more experienced competitors will offer an inferior service / product than you do.

Thankfully there is a shortcut to becoming reputable, and that’s by building relationships with recognisable brands to give you the rub that your business needs. It’s the playground equivalent of walking in on your first day, and everyone knows who you are because “you’re mates with Dave”.

And the joy is that once you build a real relationship with other companies, you can casual mention them on your website.

Here at Web123 we have a great working relationship with some of the best banks, blogs and business in Australia today including:

So start building those relationships and include their brands on your site. One way to do this is to offer a service in conjunction with someone else, or getting a media endorsement for your product. Just ask today… you’ll be surprised how cooperative some businesses can be.

18. Include a Case Study.

A case study is similar to a testimonial, though much larger and more fleshed out. It’s a great opportunity to prove to your readers that you relate to their problems and show an example of how to successfully resolve their issues.



When we launched our current website, we included a case study entitled “Katie’s Story” which tells the story of Katie, and how she advanced her business with a Web123 website. To be honest, it’s not an astounding story by any stretch of the imagine but it’s real… and that is why it is so successful.

It’s a common story of a Web123 customer, and it’s highly relatable to the many new visitors who come to our site. By seeing the story and finding common ground with it, those new visitors can see how Web123 can help them too. They can relate.

Check out Katie’s story for yourself to see how effective a case study can be for your website.

19. Chat Program.

If you’re reading this now, then at the bottom right of the screen you will see a little piccy of me. In fact, it might even of said “hello” to you whilst you’ve been reading.

Suffice to say it’s been a great addition to our site. Why not give it a go now and say hello? 😉

Different people use websites differently. Some people want to absorb all the information they can get, and some people just want a quick answer. For the last several years, websites have failed to do the latter… until now.

So add a chat program and give your visitor the chance to ask one quick question. We’ve sometimes had people jump onto Web123, ask a few questions and sign up there and then. It really is that effective!

20. Video Integration.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you can’t of missed the fact that video has taken off in a big way on the Internet. In fact, YouTube is currently the second largest search engine and people are absorbing more and more video every single day online.



The fact is that people EXPECT websites to be modern and dynamic, and video is a key component of that.

We use video on our site to highlight satisfied customers, but video can also be a great way to get across other strong selling points too, including the key benefits of your products, displaying your features effectively, showing off a series of testimonials, or give a quick 5 minute presentation of the message your website is trying to get across.

21. Make Your Customer’s Lives Easier With Multiple Contact Options.

We’ve all been there… we’re on a website and have a burning question that needs to be answered. If answered we might buy right there and then… however you can’t find any way to contact the website owner, or even worse, their contact page redirects you to a “help yourself” section.

Seriously how arrogant is that to presume that your website is so good, that you don’t need to be contacted?!!?

So whenever we build a website for a Web123 client, we also ensure we create multiple ways for your prospects to contact your site and get the information they need. This can be done by:

  • Incorporating a chat program (see above).
  • Having an easy to find contact page.
  • A telephone number on the top of your homepage.
  • Having Call to Actions telling people how to contact you in the web copy.
  • Easy to fill out and convenient contact forms.

The above may sound obvious, but boy, many websites seem to miss the boat with this one. I understand that many small businesses might not have the facility to have a support team available around the clock, but if you have no means of responding to people, you’re probably missing out on a HUGE percentage of sales. 🙁

That’s the end of week 3. PHEW!

Over three weeks I have given you 21 ideas. Surely I’ve ran out by now? NOPE!

I think it’s safe to say that I have yet ANOTHER 7 ideas for you next week (in fact you can read them right here). 

In the meantime don’t just sit there twiddling your thumbs!

Look through the above ideas, choose one and implement it onto your site today. Your bank balance won’t regret it! (You can thank me later.)

Then when you start making more sales, share your success story with us below in the comment section.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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