All I want for xmas is… more website conversions!

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Worried about getting your share of the online Christmas trade?

Instead of slogging away at driving more traffic to your site this Christmas, why not focus on converting more of your visitors into customers?

OK, so let’s say you currently get 1,000 unique visits per month, and average a 1% conversion rate, which is quite normal. What would it mean to your business if you suddenly increased that conversion rate to 2%?  You’d double your inbounds from 10 to 20 per month!

Whether you have an eCommerce site, or just want to encourage more people to contact you or visit your physical store, these techniques can really help you turn your website from a pretty brochure site into a sales conversion machine.

Here’s some quick and easy tips to achieve a higher conversion rate:

1. Be crystal clear on what your primary goal is and communicate it well.

What is the one ideal action you want your visitors to take when they come to your site? Request a quote, register for an event, buy your book? Know this, and then make sure every page is working towards achieving this for you.

2. Encourage one primary action and make it easy for your visitors to do just that. Remember, if you give your visitors too many choices on your website, it could result in no action at all.

3. Ditch the pretty picture banners for banners with calls to action.

This space ‘above the fold’ is prime real estate, so make it count. Don’t just put pretty stock photos in to fill the space. This is especially true if you have an eCommerce site, push your products! The banner is a key element of your website sales funnel. Instead of plain Jane photos, tie them in with special offers, key messages and click-throughs to important pages to encourage more conversions.

4. Add your phone number (Big Bertha style) to the top right of your homepage.

Simply adding a big phone number can raise conversions up to 2%. In conversion land, that’s a huge jump! The reality is, most people are lazy or just browsing, and they won’t call, BUT listing your phone number pride of place will instil more trust, telling your visitors there are real people behind the site… and trust is a big factor to increasing your conversions. Which leads us to…

5. Build your site’s credibility by adding trust factors to your homepage.

If you’re member of any reputable associations in your industry, add their logos to your homepage. ABN, ARA, Rotary… show it off! The same applies if you’ve won any awards. Or even better, show some fantastic testimonials from clients in text (or even better video) format. These all help instill trust and increase conversions.

When you say good things about yourself it’s fluff, but when others say it about you, it’s proof!

6. Add a video. Seriously. Bite the bullet. 

Video is a lot easier than you think. A video of you and your store and/or products help’s build trust (there’s that word again) and helps your audience connect with you. If they know you and like you, they’re more likely to buy from you! Get a camera, do your hair and get into it! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a perfect production; it’s the content that matters.

7. Add a ‘Quick Enquiry Form’ to increase conversions.

You’ve seen those simple enquiry forms that stay fixed on a website at all times? That’s what I’m talking about!

Make it ridiculously easy for customers to contact you.

Get a quick enquiry form set up on every page of your site to gently push people to make contact. Even consider a pop-up ‘how can I help you’ type of feature, they really do work!

8.Shutterstock is NOT your friend 

Avoid stock photography, it looks too clean and souless. Invest in a good photo shoot and personalise your website.
You know that when you land on a site that has professional ‘real’ shots of the people behind the site, it tugs at something inside and gives you that warm feeling like you know them already. The reality is, real people shots get a lot of attention and stock photos are largely ignored. So set some dollars aside and use this simple tactic to increase your conversions!

9. Test, test, test.

There’s no point putting in all this effort if you don’t know what’s working and what isn’t. So when it comes to implementation, always make sure you’re constantly testing what works by measuring everything with Google Analytics. If you’ve got the time, by all means do some A/B split testing or go crazy with Crazy Egg. Remember though, implement one small change at a time and see how that affects your conversions rather than doing everything at once. If you do it all at once, you’ve got no idea what actually worked!
Rebuild your website with conversion and a single minded goal in mind and you’ll bask in a glorious conversion increase that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and will help you take advantage of all the extra Christmas shoppers.

10. Follow these tips and have a happy (and profitable) holiday season!!

P.S. If you want to see how we encourage conversions at Web123, feel free to have a peak at our homepage at to see our website conversion advice in action.
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