8 Super Quick Local Traffic Sources to Boost Your Sales

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For the past two weeks, we’ve gone head to head with one of the first and biggest struggles all small businesses inevitably have to tackle head first: Local Marketing.We first discussed about being more visible online by signing up for Google My Business; then tackled the benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising and how Google Adwords Express has made it so much easier to do.

I wrote about these two aspect of local marketing first, because it can take time a few weeks to reap the amazing benefits and extra leads they can bring you.

But that doesn’t mean we’re done with the good stuff!

PPC and SEO are great, and we’re very excited for all the leads and sales you’ll be getting now from you added local exposure. However, there’s still a lot of things to do if you want to squeeze more customers from the local area.

Out there, there is a whole host of local traffic sources for your business that you need to take advantage of.

Today, we’ll go through best local traffic sources for your business one by one! 

Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference, because we’re going to give you a lot of powerful resources that can help get your business to become the “go to” place for the thousands of customers who live in your area.


Believe me, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

And although a lot of directories these days have moved online, they are still a major supplier of business information for people who are looking for specific products and services.

In other words, even though the mighty Google has nested, doesn’t mean you can get a lot of traffic from these high quality local Australian business directories.


We’ve made our own list just for you! Here are 13 of the best directories in Australia that you must enlist your business on: 

Guest Blogging

There has been a lot of debates between marketers whether guest blogging still works or not, especially when Matt Cutts, Google Software Engineer, announced in his blog that guest blogging is dead.

However, just recently, he added an important update to his very controversial entry. At the bottom part of his post, he wrote:

“It seems like most people are getting the spirit of what I was trying to say, but I’ll add a bit more context. 
I’m not trying to throw the baby out with the bath water. There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging (exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc.). Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. 
And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there. I changed the title of this post to make it more clear that I’m talking about guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.”

Phew! Thanks for the clarification Matt! 🙂

So there you have it! Guest blogging is still very alive and kicking! It’s useful when you want to get more exposure, branding, increased reach, and when you want to build a community.


Personally I find that if you can guest on reputable blogs with a rich audience who are interested in your product, that being a regular blogger is a winning strategy. I have done some guest blogging myself (see image above for example) because I believe in the power of this strategy!

Matt Cutts also gave the the key to success in guest blogging: you have to give and receive high-quality articles. 

So got out there and start building a list of influential blogs that you’d like to tap. Take time to read and understand their content, and write a high-quality blog that would both benefit you and the readers of the blog.

Wanna know more on how to guest blog? Check out my informative blog on how to guest blog.

Commenting On Other Blogs

Another effective way to gain local traffic to your business is getting your name in front of an audience that’s interested in your industry. How do you do this? By commenting on high-quality blogs!

Let’s try to paint a picture…

Imagine the number of people creating valuable content out there for their blogs. Considering it’s one of the leading ways to build a website, there’s gotta be a lot, right?!

But while they’re busy trying to attract leads or potential customers to their posts, you could be there… leaving a valuable comment for the blog author and other readers to see!

If they see enough of your comments, and realise you know what you’re talking about, they are more likely to hunt down your official blog for more answers.

Here are some of the underrated benefits of commentating on high-quality blogs:

  • You can easily establish yourself as a leader in your field.
  • You get added visibility from the blog owners and other visitors.
  • You can promote your brand without being spammy.
  • You can form relationships.
  • You can build quality backlinks.

And you know what! It works! Whenever I launch a blog I ensure a spend a few minutes every day, because in the long run, it’s a proven way to drive new customers to my website.


Here’s a perfect example of how you could establish yourself as a leader in your industry through a comment. In a guest blog I did in the example above, I received this comment. I love how he started his comment by enumerating his impressive credentials.

Contest Marketing

Have you ever stumbled on a blog post that promotes a ‘giveaway’?

Bloggers love to ‘give back’ to their readers by giving away freebies in a form of a contest. They usually do this with the help of sponsors (businesses, companies, other bloggers, etc).

In addition to this, there are also websites dedicated to prize drawers and contests, and you can promote your own contest to drive interest to you business. Seriously… just search “competition sites” on Google… you’ll find HUNDREDS of them.

Look for a blog in your industry and see if they are willing to accept your product as a prize for their giveaway. 

In exchange, you can ask them to write about you, or mention you in their contest post so your local traffic will boost. They may also ask for an advertising fee, but trust me, it’s worth it.


I found CrashTestMummy.com.au when I tried looking for competition sites, and immediately checked her Contage page. She accepts giveaways and advertising deals, so this is a perfect site for those who have home and lifestyle related products.

Submit to Free Press Release Sites

If you want your content to be published by other publications, press release sites are your best chance.

Some local print media check these sites regularly for interesting news/ updates, so make sure that you submit your best articles. It doesn’t always work out, but when it does, it gives you the ultimate exposure and boosts your local traffic immensely. 


Here are some press release sites that you can use:

  • www.prwire.com.au
  • www.newsmaker.com.au
  • www.freepressrelease.com.au
  • www.addpr.com
  • www.theopenpress.com
  • www.newswiretoday.com
  • www.pressreleasepublic.com
  • www.iarticles.com.au
  • www.xooarticles.com
  • www.get2press.com.au
  • www.clickpress.com
  • www.bignews.biz
  • www.1888pressrelease.com
  • www.24-7pressrelease.com
  • www.pressreleasepoint.com
  • www.freepressrelease.com

One quick word of advice though! Like with any good bit of copy, your press releases should focus on the benefits of your products and services and why the person reading the press release should be excited about your new product.

New products come out all the time, but if you speak to the heart of your customers wants, needs and desires, that if more newsworthy and thus more likely to be picked up. 

Post Paid Videos to Your Local Audience

I remember when I was younger, I would choose to read books with lots of pictures in it. I found visual examples more engaging and understandable. 

Imagine if books then had videos?! How easy would it have been to learn new things. You’re probably wondering what this has to do with local advertising. Well…


When I checked my Facebook account a while ago, I saw the above post on my newsfeed. Facebook have been making strong waves this past year, gearing people to upload videos directly.

You’ve probably seen video ‘auto-start’ on your feed… these are Facebook videos that have been directly uploaded by Facebook’s users. To the casual user they are irritating, but from a marketing perspective this is a goldmine waiting to happen.

Get this: Facebook has served up an average of a billion video views every day!

That is a LOT of people watching and goes to show just how big the video marketing industry is.

And one of biggest advantages of Facebook, is that you can pay to have these videos play specifically in front of people who live in your area! 

That’s right… through Facebook’s advertising program, you can setup videos that are targeted especially at people in your local area and who are more likely to buy.

In fact I’ve seen more and more local businesses do this, and often they appear on my Facebook newsfeed purely because they are based near where I live and work.

SO why local videos? Well here are just SOME of the benefits you’ll find:

  • Makes your local campaigns & websites more engaging.
  • Puts a face to your brand.
  • Gains the trust of your customers.
  • Shows how confident you are with your products.
  • Gets your message across in less time.

Get crackin’ with your video marketing today!
If you’re confused what kind of video you will be creating, here are some of the most popular types of video:

  • About us videos.
  • Video testimonials.
  • Product demos.
  • Creative videos with humor.
  • Celebrities endorsing the brand.

Oh and if you need a hand setting up your Facebook campaigns, I’ve created a little Facebook advertising guide for you.


Forums aren’t dead! Although not too many people use forums these days, they’re still very helpful in gaining traffic for your business. Especially if they are local forums.


When you join and post forums, you further establish yourself as a leader in your field. You gain contacts, friends, and even leads. You can promote your business (carefully! Nobody likes a spammer) especially if you are allowed links in the ‘signature’ of your forum posts.

I would like recommended forums, however there are HUNDREDS out there… and it would be difficult to list them since most are dedicated to specific industries and areas. So go ahead, have a hunt for forums that are relevant to your business or region and go from there.

And the last but definitely not the least…

Spy On Where Your Competitors Get Their Local Traffic 😉

“What?!? How?” 

I know you’d ask these very questions!

If you want to find out where your competitors are getting their traffic from, you can go to a little website I like to use called backlinkwatch.com and enter their URL (www.yourcompetitorsonlinesitename.com).


This is where it get’s good! Once you do the above, this site will pull up all the links that are pointing to your competitors’ sites.

How cool is that? It’s like having your own little spy in your competitor’s website. Now you can see where they are getting all their local traffic from, and therefore duplicate their success.

It’s a little devious I know, but so much fun too! You can now combine their local marketing strategy with your own, and thus become more successful and small business owner.

So Are You Ready to Boost This Month’s Income Through These Local Traffic Sources?


So there you have it!  Our eight tested and proven ways to get more customers from your local community to land out your website and buy from you.

These ideas can be really effective for your business, and the best news is that most of them take mere minute to do. You can have it done by the time your morning coffee goes cold!

In fact why not have a go at some of them and let us know what improvements you’re seeing below? We’re excited to hear them. 

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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