8 Simple Steps: Make Your Own Quick Video

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Did you know video increases your visitor engagement? It’s already becoming increasingly popular with successful online marketers, so why not get onto it before your competition does?

Like most people, you’re probably not sure where to start with video. You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg or have heaps of expensive equipment to make motion picture magic. Seriously.

We’ve broken it down into 8 simple steps. It’s really not hard, so let’s get started!

Note: These instructions were geared toward creating a video for Web123’s $1,000 Video Competition. But you can follow these simple steps to make any video for online success.


1. Develop your plan of action

To enter Web123’s Competition, you’ll just need to create a short video about why you LOVE Web123. Use your phone, camera – anything that records! If you’re not sure how to make a video, keep reading! We’ve got you covered.

First things first, think about what you want to say. If you’re not good at ad lib, you might write out a brief script or bullet points of how the dialogue will go. Next, you’ll need to decide who will say it. Is it a monologue? An interview? A skit? Rally up your actor(s), then designate one person to be the camera person who records the video.

Don’t worry about making an elaborate silver screen production… If you’ve ever watched a video on YouTube, you’ll know that some of the greatest videos out there are the least polished. We think it’s every bit as good to use your phone or camera and record it all in one take! Too Easy!


2. Switch into video mode

Once you’ve decided the basics of what’s going into your video, grab your phone or camera and switch it into video mode. The video doesn’t have to be long either! You can talk for 15 seconds or 15 minutes, whatever works best for you.

For the Web123 Competition, there are no restrictions on video size, so your video can be as long as short as you like it. Just keep in mind that your entry is going to be counting on votes to win, so make sure it keeps your audience’s attention.


3. Lights, camera, ACTION!

Press ‘Record’ and you’re off! You can be as funny, quirky or serious as you like in your testimonial. Be creative! Use props for extra fun. You can film at your work in front of a blank wall or walking around your office, dancing down the street, or in the middle of a field in Timbuktu. This video can be anything you want it to be! It’s entirely up to you, we just want to know how much you love Web123.


4. Watch it and see if you like it

Press ‘Stop’ and you’re done! Watch your new creation and see if you’re happy with it. Make sure the audio has recorded at a level that can easily be heard. If it didn’t take quite right, consider it a practice round and run through it again! Try not to be too perfectionistic though. Remember, these videos are meant to be fun, not flawless.

I’m sure whatever you produce will be fantastic. We can’t wait to see it!


5. Transfer the video to your computer

Now that you’ve created your video, you’ll need to get it from your camera or phone onto your computer. Start by plugging your phone or camera into your computer via a USB cable. (Ya know, like the white one you probably use to charge your iPhone?)

Most digital cameras, iPhones, and Android Phones will install themselves as a removable storage device as soon as they are plugged into your computer. After you’ve plugged your recording device in via the USB cable, simply go to “My Computer” on your computer, and double click on the item or folder for your phone or camera. Click through the folders within the device until you can find the raw video file itself. If you’re not sure which one it is, try sorting the files by date. Once you’ve found the file, right click on this file and select copy. Open your “My Documents” folder, right click into an empty space then select paste – alternatively you can just paste it onto your Desktop.

All done! your video is now on your computer ready to be viewed, shared – and most importantly – uploaded to Facebook for the Web123 competition.

If you run into any trouble transferring your video from your phone or camera to your computer, please give Web123’s support crew a call and we’ll help as best we can.


6. Upload your video to this Facebook App

You’ve done all the difficult bits, now it’s time to share your video with the world! Start by going to Web123’s Facebook Page. Click on the “We love Web123!” tab. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to ‘like’ the page in order to move forward. Click on the “Submit An Entry” tab on the app. It’s time to upload your video!

Click on the “Choose File” button, and locate the video in My Documents. Once you hit “Open”, the file will automatically start uploading. Note: Videos tend to be pretty large files so this could take a few minutes. Please be patient!

If you’re not on Facebook and still wish to enter, email us your video at competitions@web123.com.au and your details.


7. Fill in your details and submit your entry

Now that you’ve added your video, fill out a simple form. We don’t need to know your entire life history, but we do need to know how to tell you that you’ve won $1,000! Fill out all your contact details, and give your video a Title. Remember this competition is all about creativity, so title and describe your video any way you like. Tick the boxes at the bottom of the form and hit Continue. That’s it! Your video has officially been submitted, and as soon as it has been approved by our moderators it will be ready to share.


8. Share your video!

Share your new video with your Facebook network and beyond. Remember, the video with the most votes will WIN $1,000! Voting opens soon so keep your eyes peeled, we’ll let you know as soon as it does! So get your Friends and Family ready and waiting to vote!

If you’ve got any questions or if you need help recording your video please call us on 1800 932 123 or contact us!

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