7 MORE Best Website Features Every Site Should Have (Part 2)

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Last week I started a round table discussion with my team to determine the best website features every website (including yours should have). And this isn’t just *any* list… this list has been formed from years upon years of experience from my entire team here at Web123.

Marketers, tech support, designers, product managers… every member of my team have their own ideas as to what features a website NEEDS and each one of them are pure profit making gold.

I’ve got another 7 web features coming next week too, so read this blog and implement the ideas quickly, because next week I’m going to hit you with even more ideas that will make your web visitors fall in love with your website all over again.

So continuing on from last week’s blog, what are the 7 MORE best website features your site should have?

8. Pop Up Box

This has brought up a fair bit of debate to our round table members. Some think they are intrusive, others see them as a powerful way of collecting even MORE email addresses to build your list.

Personally I believe in the latter (and all the data I have on it backs up my opinion here) and we’ve had a number of clients who’ve used them to great success.

However I will say that if you’re going to use this, make sure you use Pop Up software that doesn’t spam your visitors. If they say “no” (by clicking on the cross in the top right) then make sure it stays down. There’s nothing worse than if it keeps popping up time and time again.

9. Blog or News Section

If you’re a long time follower of my business tips, you’ll know that I just won’t shut up about blogs! They’re a great way of not only increasing your exposure and attracting new customers through Google searches, but they also help build up a long term relationship with your visitors.

If you give your visitors a reason to come back time and time again, they turn into fans… and your chances of them becoming cash parting buyers increases exponentially.

10. An Educational Resource

Taking the blogging concept one big, massive, bolder step forward, more and more websites are investing into Educational Resource sections on their sites. After all a blog is about informing and educating your readers, so why not go one step further and develop a huge resource for your clients?

It can be time consuming no doubt, but this investment into your time can be worth it. In fact, have you seen OUR Educational Resource section? We created it because we love small businesses, and we wanted to help them to grow by offering a large number of guides and eBooks designed to help people just like yourself to grow their business further.

It helps build those relationships with your customer, and a relationship is good as in time it makes your customers more comfortable buying from you.

11. Social Media Links & Social Proof

I remember the day when the only way you could follow your favourite website was via signing up to an email list. Then the RSS feed came and (arguably) went (though I still include it on some of my blogs). Well now it has never been easier to follow your favourites websites.

In our round table discussion, many people mentioned their preferred ways of following their favourite websites, so I thought I’d chuck them all into this one point. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn… there are several social media sites you can use to promote your business.
I don’t have time to go into each one in depth (check out the Educational Resource for that!), however by simply including links to your social pages on your site gives your customers the power to follow your blog in a way that suits their needs. 🙂

Another reason why pushing your social media accounts is a good idea is because the more fans and followers you gain, the more trust you will harbour with new visitors.

If you were to go to two companies who had the same product or service, but one clearly shows that they have 1,000s of fans who endorse them on Facebook and Twitter, aren’t you more likely to buy from the one with the large fan base?

Think of it as a secondary reason to promote your social media presences, because although we might not admit it, we love to jump on the bandwagon and go with a popular and trusted products and services.

12. Testimonials

If someone comes to your site, usually that means they are already 80% ready to buy. You just need to push them over the line and be convinced that YOU are the person to buy from.

So what is likely to convince them to purchase? How about testimonials and stories from other people just like themselves? Testimonials are an incredibly powerful way of convincing people to finally buy, because they are honest recommendations from people your visitors trust the most… other customers.

13. Third Party Endorsements

Sure testimonials are awesome, but let’s be honest, there is always that tiny niggle in the back of the visitor’s mind that maybe… just maybe… that testimonials isn’t quite enough proof.

Which is why, if you can get it, getting third party endorsements (see our examples above) can convince the naysayers. Media endorsements, celebrity endorsements, professional endorsements, etc… all add up to making you VERY convincing in the eyes of your new customers.

14. Portfolio / Examples of Work

This will vary depending on the nature of your product or service, but showing an example of your work, or offering a free trial of your service, it’s a very powerful way to drive visitors into becoming customers.

We invested into a web design portfolio section on our website, and I know our Business Development Managers love it, because when somebody asks “what level of quality can I expect”, they simply have to point them to the page to prove the quality of our work.

Wow! There are some pretty awesome ideas here…

… so you better get started implementing them onto your site. And remember, if you need any help, we’re only an email or phone call away.

And if you’re ready for another 7 ideas, then you can read part 3 of this blog series RIGHT HERE.

Got any ideas on web features I should include in next week’s blog? Ptop them into the comment box below and I’ll give you my ideas too!

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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