5 tips if you want to DIY your Google ranking


Rankings getting you down? Here’s where you need to start:


Getting seen is your first step to success. And here’s how…


  1. Focus on one primary keyword/phrase per page;
  2. Is there traffic for the keywords you’d like to use? Here’s a Google tool to find out;
  3. If you have a new website (with a new URL) only your homepage has any chance of ranking, so put your top keyword there;
  4. Repeat your keyword 3 times on each page (and in at least one header too) but it doesnt have to be an exact match, synonyms are good too;
  5. Make sure your meta title is unique for each page and includes your keyword (call your tech support to find out how);
  6. BONUS TIP: download our Beginners Guide to SEO. 


Oh, and if an overseas company tries to sell you cheap SEO, don’t do it! See our article why impatience could get your site banned by Google.

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