5 Time Saving Tools For Small Business (With Video Tutorials!)

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Did you know most business people have 59 hours of work sitting on their desks waiting to be completed? Crazy huh?! Clearly we all need help getting through the work AND clawing some of that time back… and that’s exactly what we’ve got here.


1/ Evernote

As a busy ideas person I used to writes notes on anything I could find. I must have had a 100 notepads around the office and the house. Then later I’d spend ages searching for that one crucial note and sometimes I’d never find it. What a waste of time!

But since I discovered Evernote last year, I haven’t lost a thing.

It’s now my central place for all my random ideas. It syncs to all my devices and it even lets me clip online articles I like too. But, the real time saver comes in when you’re looking for an old note. Just tap in a few keywords and you’ll find whatever you’re looking for. Quick, easy, organised. I love it.

Need ideas how to save time with Evernote? Here’s 3 simple ways entrepreneur, Evan Carmichael, uses it to make his working day faster.

If you’re a crazy superblogger like me
, then watch this video… it’s amazing how you can keep ALL your content ideas together with one little app called Evernote.


Get a FREE month of Premium Evernote and see for yourself! 


2/ Enounce

Now you can speed read video in exactly the same way you spead read text.

Are you like me and watch a lot of video courses? Well use this tool to speed up the playback and save oodles of time. Last Sunday I saved 2 hours and 44 minutes in my daily dose of learning! And it’s cheap, it’s only $29.99 once off to buy and you can use it on 2 devices! Get Enounce and you can easily zip through content and get the info you need… fast.

You can get a 7 day free trial of Enounce right here.


3/ Time Timer

Are you a self-confessed black hole of time? Do you pick up a new task when you’re supposed to be doing another? Don’t be embarrassed, it can be the sign of a brilliant (but distractible) mind… or at least I hope it is!

Since we’re talking time savers, the best tool I can recommend is a way to MEASURE your time. Say hello to Time Timer.
Seriously, this isn’t just for kids. I use a timer myself. It helps me get more done in LESS time. It will help you keep meetings on track, stay focussed and accomplish tasks efficiently. It also visually retrains your brain to ‘feel’ time which us ‘thinky’ entrepreneurs can struggle with.

My advice? Choose an important task that needs doing. Turn off the internet, put your phone on silent and set your timer for 25 minutes then… work! Just rinse and repeat until all your jobs are done. Easy as, right?

You can download Time Timer as an app for your phone and tablet, or you can even purchase a physical clock if you’d prefer.


4/ Saving time with the Pomodoro Technique

This technique works a treat using the time timer. Rather than bore you with my own explanation, how about a quick video to explain how it works? Enjoy! 🙂

Want to know how to use a 25 minute timer to get more done?

5/ Snagit

When you’ve got complex instructions to share with a client, staffer or contractor, don’t tell them, show them! Snagit is the ultimate screen capture tool and here’s how it works…

Fact: The brain processes visuals 50 times faster than text… so get visual.

Snagit speeds up my life whenever I’m trying to explain a visual concept to a web designer, or when I’m suggesting improvements on an existing website to a client. You can keep it simple and just record yourself talking while it captures whatever you’re doing on your screen then share the video… or you can get snazzy and customize the graphics before you share it. Pretty cool!

Try Snagit for free.  


Remember, not all tools suit all people…

It doesn’t matter how much buzz there might be over a new app, sometimes I like it and it works for me, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I’ve learnt not all apps and tools are for all people, and that’s ok.

Rather than have a billion time saving apps I’ve now scaled my systems down to what really works for me and I’m more efficient than ever. Sure, I’ll try new apps, but I’m protective of the systems that are already working.

My advice to you, you don’t need the latest thing if the old thing is working. But just make sure you aren’t blinkered or ignoring the amazing time (and sanity) savers that are being released every day.

Of course, if you always power through your week and you’ve got a great work/life balance then you don’t need timesaving apps… you just need to tell me how you do it!!


Leave me a comment with what works for you and what doesn’t… I’d love to know! 🙂

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