5 Local PPC Lessons I Ignored That Almost Cut My Enquiries In Half!

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Last week, I answered a client’s question about why he wasn’t getting that many sales despite the high engagement he was enjoying with his social media fans from all over the country.

My take on his predicament was pretty simple: you should not expect a sale from your follower in Melbourne when your business is only available for people who live in Brisbane.

Ultimately this was a key flaw in his otherwise stellar social media strategy. He had thousands of followers nationwide, but because his service was really only available to those who lived primarily in Brisbane’s CBD, it meant that over 75% of his Facebook follower couldn’t buy from him, even if they wanted to.

Now, there’s no shame in this… instead all he had to do was switch gears and refocus his marketing strategy and focus squarely on Brisbane.

At first I told him about making sure he was on top of his Local Search Engine Optimisation and I pointed him towards the blog I wrote last week about it.

After reading it he immediately emailed me and said:

“That post was perfect for me! Thank you! I’ve got someone implementing your Local SEO ideas now. Anyway, what’s next? I’m excited for Part 2!”

I’m happy he’s enjoyed my post and glad he’s taking my ideas onboard. Hopefully you’re all following his lead and implementing my ideas. 😉

So what’s next?! Let’s Talk Local Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay per click (PPC) is used to direct traffic to websites, via advertisements that appear in search results, and the advertisers pays for every time the ad is clicked.

You’ve probably seen them all along the top and side of Google when you search on there:

There are two key advantages to using PPC (Pay Per Click):

  • It’s the fastest way to get immediate, quality traffic.
  • It helps get you ranking for keywords that bring you business.

As you see there are some definite advantages to using PPC. It helps drive immediate and specific traffic to your website, and as such can be a source of customers ready to buy from you.

Want to get your PPC campaign underway? Well today, regardless of whether you’re looking for Google Adwords Express help, or need to know how to make your campaigns more targeted, I’m going to give you my top 5 lessons on how to make your Local PPC advertising more effective and profitable.

Boy I wish I knew these lessons when I started using PPC advertising for the first time! They would have saved me a lot of heartache. A whole lot of trial and error went into making this blog, so I hope you take these lessons to heart. 🙂

1) Be Very Specific With Your Campaigns

When we started doing Google PPC ads for our websites, we primarily focused on advertising the web design packages and services that we could provide, and the benefits our clients would experience with them.

However we wanted to refine our adverts. We wanted to ensure that we were getting maximum return on our advertising investment. To do this we decided to also run adverts directly aimed at our local community in Melbourne.

So we did an experiment and created a new campaign where we added one magic keyword to our campaigns: “MELBOURNE.” We also made sure the adverts pointed specifically to Google users in Melbourne itself.

Pretty simple huh? And the result? Not only did we get more enquiries for every dollar we spent on our PPC adverts, but we also saw a higher number of web visitors turn into Web123 customers.

In fact, we saw a sales increase of around 18%, which for us is a very significant increase indeed. 

So our advice? Be specific with your Google Adwords campaigns. Instead of going for a shotgun approach and trying to blast everybody, aim at a specific group. In this case we saw a significant improvement by aiming our adverts towards our local community.

Do you want another example?

A flower shop wants to create campaigns about them personally delivering of flowers to their customers. By advertising within the scope of their delivery route, they will not only be able to save money, but they will more likely be able to make significantly more as the people they will be targeting will more likely be willing to buy from them.

2) Use a Mix of Different PPC Platforms

When people think PPC, they automatically think of Google. Can’t blame them… they are pretty much the king of the industry! They dominate two-thirds (or more!) of all search queries done in the web.

However, just because they dominate the market doesn’t mean they are the only guys in town. PPC can also be used to describe the advertising model for other search engines such as Yahoo / Bing.

I remember reading a joke where it said…
“Dear Yahoo,

I’ve never heard anyone Say ‘Let’s Yahoo It’. 😛
Sincerely, Google”. 

While this joke may be true for some, it remains a fact that a number of significant search queries are still being made on the Yahoo! / Bing network. 

And since they have lower popularity than Google, the running costs of Yahoo! / Bing advertisements is usually lower, making it a no brainer to use them.

In fact there’s a big opportunity here. Many of your competitors are probably overlooking Yahoo! & Bing because they trying to get their heads round Google Adwords… so take advantage and get YOUR adverts on their first. 

*BONUS POINT* Yahoo! / Bing have a different audience too!

Did you know that Yahoo! & Bing tend to have a slightly different audience using their search engines? I was shocked too, I thought they’d be very similar when I first started using their service, but I was amazed at how different the results of my ads would be.

The bottom line is that it’s worth being aware of this in case Yahoo! or Bing have an audience more appropriate for your business.

  • Google users:
    Since Google offers products which requires customization and personalization, and therefore their main audience are often younger and more in tune with what they are specifically looking for.Due to their  greater ability at quickly finding the information they need, users tend to stay on your site for longer and have a higher conversion rate as a result.
  • Yahoo! users:
    Unlike Google, Yahoo! Users are usually older and lack awareness of modern marketing and internet trends. I guess you could say they are more innocent in that way. One drawback of this is that visitors from Yahoo! tend to bounce from one website to another in quicker succession, and have a lower conversion rate as a result.
  • Bing Users:
    Bing has gained significant ground as it is the default search engine for Internet Explorer, as a result the users of Bing can vary greatly in age, but will lack the experience and online experience compared to Google users. You can therefore expect a conversion rate that is between Google and Yahoo!

Interesting isn’t it? I guess the one thing you should take away from this is this… try your ads on all three major search engines. Because what may not work for Google, may work on Yahoo! or Bing.

> You can setup your Yahoo! & Bing PPC adverts right here.

3) PPC Works On Key Social Media Platforms Too.

Did you realise social media sites also have their own PPC platform?

Hey… they’ve got to pay the bills somehow don’t they? How else are we going to share awesome blogs like these and share humorous videos of people falling off tall things?

We’ve used both Facebook and Twitter PPC advertising platforms in the past to great success, and I can really recommend trying out both of them. 

In fact, Facebook Ads really have a huge advantage over the likes of Google when trying to reach local customers with specific interests. Facebook has one of the best targeting capabilities of any PPC platform thanks to its custom audience options.

Their “ads manager” allows you to create different types of ads and then lets you trim down the audience by choosing a specific location, age group, gender, interests etc.

An incredibly powerful marketing tool. If you’re interested in reading more, you can do so by checking out an earlier blog I wrote on advertising on Facebook.

Or why not setup your social media adverts not? You can setup your Facebook PPC Campaigns here and your Twitter PPC Campaigns here.

4) Add a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) & Calls To Action (CTAs) To Your Adverts.

When writing the adverts for your PPC campaigns, try inserting a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or a compelling Call To Action (CTA) if possible. These can REALLY add to the success of your PPC.

Let’s elaborate on the bouquet delivery service above…

We’ve already established that you’ll only spend on the people within your scope of delivery. But you have to admit, you may not be the only flower shop in town! This is where a Unique Selling Proposition and Call to Action comes in handy.

The above example is PERFECT
as it shows an advert with both a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a Call to Action (CTA).

If you looking at the majority of the ads, you’ll see that many of them are similar. However what sets KateHillFlowers.com.au aside from the rest, is the fact that they promised same day delivery and stunning designs (their USP), and including a simple CTA (“Order Now!”).

Both USPs and CTAs are proving to increase the number of people who will click on your advert… and we all know what that means don’t we? More enquiries… and MORE SALES! 🙂 

Cool huh? But we’re haven’t even gone to the coolest part yet…

5) With Google AdWords Express, Google Has Made Local PPC Advertising EASIER Than Ever Before.

Google AdWords Express is an new addition to Google’s plethora of online services, which is designed to help put your business in front of your potential local customers.

Quite simply it’s a striped down and easier to use version of Google Adwords, which has been created specifically to help you launch your Google Adwords campaign will minimal fuss and without a lot of Adword’s excessive features.

In laymen terms… it’s perfect for beginners and has made PPC advertising easier than ever before!

Need Google Adwords Express help? You’ve come to the right place. To get started:

  • Next follow the step by step instructions… it’s super straight forward. 🙂
  1. Setup some initial details about your business.
  2. Choose your audience, including the city you live in and what your company does.
  3. Write the headline and text line for your advert. Also I advise you to enter a unique URL for your advert to point too. Try and send your traffic to a highly specific page if you can for better conversions and more enquiries.
  4. Set your budget. Doesn’t have to be a huge amount! Start off with $10 a day if need be.
  5. Review your advert and make any last minute additions if you need to.
  6. Setup your payment details. And you’re DONE! 🙂


I hope the Google Adwords express help above inspires you to set it up and give it a go.

Try it now… you can literally have a local PPC advert setup in literally 5 minutes and it only has to cost you a few dollars a day.

Super affordable and super easy… just the way I like it. 🙂

Are you ready to do start your Local PPC Advertising?

If you’re looking to do anything bigger than a simple local PPC campaign, then you should check out the full Google Adwords, or even contact Web123 if you’d like us to do it for you. 😉

Remember… running a few PPC campaigns on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc, does not have to be the painful slog you’re probably fearing it will be.

Start off easy and incorporate the pointers I’ve shared to you for the quick wins! Trust me I wish PPC was this easy when I started out… which is why you’re so lucky.

It has never been this EASY before and all your have to do is take the opportunity. You’ll be handsomely rewarded with more enquiries and sales. What’s not to like?

Have you been doing Local PPC Advertising? How has this helped you? Are you interested in gaining more local customers for your business? Share your story below by leaving a comment below.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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