5 Easy Tips to Help Double Your Facebook Followers

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It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook made a big change to their brand pages.  The Timeline feature now offers large cover art, milestones, the ability to highlight and pin posts, and most importantly new and improved analytics. These alterations were supposed to help companies expand their brand through the social media juggernaut.  But what are the most effective ways to leverage these changes to help grow your Facebook following to millions of followers?  Here are a few hints to help you on your way.


Establish a Trustworthy Page

Facebook has forced every business page to rollover to the new Timeline format.  It is important to update your page and fully utilise all the new features.  The new Timeline features help add legitimacy to your brand in a more visually appealing way than the old boring ‘About Us’ tab with a simple paragraph summary.

The high-res photos, videos and cover art give visitors a much more stimulating look into your brand.  These multimedia features can capture the essence of your brand and are a great place to showcase products.

Milestones can be used as an interactive scrapbook of a company’s history, allowing brands to give users a more in depth look into the evolution of what they’ve become.  Filling space with things such as the introduction of new products and services, awards, events, and other accomplishments is a great way to add legitimacy to your page.

With all the spammers in today’s digital world, establishing a trustworthy page is the most important step when trying to develop a following through Facebook.  But to ensure you get seen/heard make sure you are pleasing Facebook’s guidelines.


Know Your Audience

Facebook now offers more data than ever within their Insights section.  Doing most of the work for you, Facebook allows admins to view every last bit of information about their fans; age, gender, location, language, even the technology source.

It is important to study your audience and who your message is reaching.  Which types of posts get the most attention?  Do your fans like to participate in polls or comment of pictures and videos?  Which types of updates get shared the most?

The more information you obtain from Facebook’s insights the better quality updates you can produce and the more people will connect with your brand.


Don’t be Self-Absorbed

One of the biggest mistakes brands make through social media is the constant bombardment of self-promotion.  Avoid making every status update into a press release.  Social media is all about interaction; there should be a human behind the computer posting your updates, use them.

People truly WANT to be involved with their favorite brands and companies.  It makes them feel like they have a voice in the products/services they love.  The more useful information you can post relating to your product/industry the better feedback you can get as well.


Content is King

Any kind of advice you get online nowadays relating to expanding your brand, gaining more following, or driving additional traffic to your site states, ‘you must produce high-quality content’, which is ABSOLUTELY true.  The better the content you produce, the more it will help your brand as a whole.

This doesn’t mean that the content has to be groundbreaking like the cure for cancer (but imagine the likes, shares and comments that would come from something like that).  A great blog post, infographic or even a simple Instagram photo to a new product could create buzz for a company.

High quality content evokes more comments, shares, likes or all of the above.  This helps bring more traffic to the site, higher rankings in the search engines and more conversions.


Embrace your Fans

The main reason you should be on Facebook or any social network is to further connect with the people that support you.  Timeline has made it easier for fans to see what other people are saying about your brands.

Give back to those who are talking about you by liking their status.  Share the pictures they’ve taken.  Heck, give them a shout-out and make their day.  This encourages fans to continue posting and others to start.


How have you successfully increased your Facebook ‘Likers’? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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