4 Reasons Your Blog Readers Will Return Time and Time Again

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So you’ve crafted the perfect blog and even managed to convince people to come and read the occasional blog post. However this is just half the battle. Getting people to come to your website is one thing, but convincing readers to stay is a whole other thing.

Thankfully, in the day of emails and social media, encouraging people to return to your blog has never been easier. It’s just a matter of getting their email addresses or getting them to follow you on their favourite social media platform.

However this is easier said than done… or is it? With careful planning and few tried and tested techniques, you can collect your reader’s details on your very own blog with ease.

Here are 4 ways you can collect your reader’s details and get them coming back for future installments of your blog.

1) Tease their email from them with a tantalising eBook

A great way to get a hold of your reader’s email address is to give them something in exchange for it…. something that is of low cost to you and of high value to your client.

An eBook is a perfect example of this… affordable for you to create, but containing information vital to your reader’s needs. Likewise, videos, courses and audio guides are also great items to offer.

In addition to that, like your blog title, it needs to have a title that will convey a benefit to your readers so that they want to download.

Ask yourself this… “does this eBook sound like something I CANNOT miss out on?” If the answer is “yeah, I can pass on it” then the title isn’t good enough! 😉 So have another go at it.

If you need one of these for your Web123 website, get in touch today! Our designers can make you one within a few days.


2) Tell them to sign up to your mailing list. YES! It’s that easy!!

Many website owners (yep, that includes you) are guilty of dancing around the issue too much. You want your reader to take a particular action (“give us a call”, “click here”, “buy my product today”, etc) yet often spend too long getting round to it.

Well stop being so polite and actually ask them to do it!

That’s what we call a CTA (or ‘Call to Action’) and you can use it to get people to sign up to your mailing list.
You’ll no doubt recognise the above example… it’s from this very blog! It’s very simple… it’s telling people to sign up to the mailing list so that they can get free updates direct to their inbox. Simple!

But where can you place something like this? We’ve put it at the end of our blog, but frankly, you can place them before and during your blog as well. Just get it in front of your readers eyeballs and start asking.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, right? It really is the first law of running a digital presence for your business online.

3) Don’t forget to offer alternative means for your raving fans to follow you.

When it comes to gaining blog followers, email is king. At least in the mind of many blog owners out there. After all, it allows you the opportunity to send your powerful blog titles direct to your reader’s inbox.

However there are readers who like alternative ways to follow you. You might of heard of this ‘little’ thing called social media….
Credit: aaawards.com
Often many of your readers like to be able to follow their favourite blogs on their social media platforms, so why make it hard for them? Make sure you include key instructions on where they can find you on their preferred social media platform.

In addition to that, always invite people to share / like / tweet / etc your blog article too. They won’t technically be following you, but at least it will encourage your blog to be shared virally.
Credit: Justcreative.com
In addition to the usual suspects (Facebook, Twitter, Google +) it would be amiss if we didn’t mention the humble old RSS feed.

Believe it or not, people, still widely use these, and you would be foolish not to include them on your blog. In case you need to know, an RSS feed is a feed of all your live blogs which can be sent directly to your readers (if they choose to receive them) via email, mobile phones and other portable device.

And yes your Web123 website can feature them too! Just ask us about it. 🙂

4) Just slap it right in front of their face!!!

Okay that might sound a little aggressive…. but that is one of the reasons why many people are a little apprehensive about placing a pop-up onto their blog.

Well worry not, because research has shown that when handled correctly, pop-ups do not scare off your readers, in fact they’re one of the most successful ways to collect email addresses and social media followers.

And in many cases… if you offer something valuable to your readers, they may even thank you!

One of my favourite blogs at the moment is QuickSprout. They have a number of pop-ups that appear on their site, but the reason they work is because:

  • They offer something of great value.
  • They aren’t too intrusive and actually add to the site.
  • They are interesting to look at.
  • They are varied in their design and purpose.

Credit: Quicksprout
As you can see, the above example from Quicksprout is a powerful one, and if you say “Yes” you will be directed to a signup form for their ‘Monster Traffic Generation’ guide. Meanwhile if you say “no”, you return to the site.

If you want one of these for your Web123 website, give us a call and we can set one up for you no probs.

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