3 Simple Steps To Automatically Nurture Browsers Into Buyers

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If there’s one thing I can tell you about running a business, it’s this:“What may have been working perfectly for you yesterday, may not work as well today.” 

Google’s latest algorithm change is a perfect example!

So it’s crucial to constantly evaluate at your marketing strategies to make sure they stay dynamic and well optimised to get you the qualified leads you deserve.

For years now, we were taught to always work hard to keep our website visitors engaged in our sites. The longer they stayed in our websites and the more links they clicked, the better!

And while this goal is still a very important one, times have changed and specific campaigns and offers call for a “less-confusing environment”. Thus, the rise of dedicated landing pages!

When done correctly, landing pages are the bomb! Check out what I wrote about them and our personal favourite landing page builder here. What an eye-opener, right?! But today, we’re going to drop another bomb:

Landing pages are just the start!

With online advertising platforms being readily available for everyone, competitors are sprouting like mushrooms making conversion ten times harder. You might get a handful of new subscribers / followers through your landing pages, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will all convert into paying customers.

Therefore, you need a process of collecting a potential prospects email address and then whittling them down through various steps until you get the cream of the crop… AKA paying clients!

And that process is called Funnel Marketing.

With funnel marketing in place, you can filter the large number of visitors who come to your site into a more manageable unit. You can cater to only the most qualified leads, so you get the most out of our marketing efforts (in your sleep mind you!) By instilling funnel marketing, you not only save time, you save money and effort too!

So how to do you devise a funnel marketing campaign for YOUR business?

Different businesses may call for different approaches, but the components of all funnel marketing ideas are always almost the same.

The three magic steps are: Acquire, Nurture, Convert.

If you can implement these three steps, you’ll be on your way to more conversions, more ideal leads and more profits! Let’s get to know them a bit better so you can start devising a funnel marketing plan that works for your business!

Step 1: Acquire


Every funnel marketing starts with acquiring highly qualified leads. This is the time when you have to be creative in making ways to attract an audience for your brand. To start making your funnel, let’s break “acquire” into two parts:

Identify the problem and solution. First step is to identify your cause. You must have a reason why you’re trying to offer your potential customers something.

  • What are the burning points of your target audience?
  • What problems do your potential customers have, and
  • How can you or your product help solve them?

Get to know your ideal audience. You will have to do a lot of research to know who your “ideal audience” is, where you can find them, what shops they like to purchase aside from, the time they are online, among others.

Think of an irresistible offer. Now that you have campaigns are in place, you will have to squeeze your creative juices! Think of an irresistible offer so they would want to sign up. Then offer that as a free download on your site. We call this a ‘lead magnet’ or ‘bait’. You want to dangle it like a carrot to get people to exchange their email address with you in return for the free download.

If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the past two discussions we had on conversion will be useful! So other than your website, where else can you post this offer?

Be heard. Final step is to figure out how you can be heard. Even with a solution in your hands, if your customers don’t know about you, your product or service will be useless. Thus, you have to find ways to be in front of the audience you’re trying to reach. Some of the ways to do this is:

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Strong Google Presence
  • Online and Offline Ads
  • Guest Blogging
  • Pop-ups
  • Competitions
  • Offline Marketing

Step 2: Nurture


Like I said, not everyone who signs up will become a paying customer. There are others who are interested but are still having second thoughts, and those who are merely signed up to see what you can offer. Some may not be ready to buy right now but they might 6 months from now. And you want to be front of mind when they make that decision.

Don’t be discouraged! This is completely normal. In fact, think of this step as a great opportunity to show how much you care and value your customers. This is when you should start to build that relationship and trust.

It’s time to nurture your potential leads!

There are several ways to nurture your potential leads while presenting to them why you’re the best company to choose. Some of our suggestions are the following:

Welcome Series. According to the Bronto Client Survey last 2013, a welcome series increases your conversion rate up to 35%. So upon sign-up send your new subscribers a welcome series – a series of emails that:

  • thanks your new subscribers for signing up (Week 1);
  • introduces your company and people behind it (Week 2);
  • shares what the best offers are (Week 3);
  • and gives an exclusive deal / offer (Week 4).

Weekly Newsletters. After keeping your new subscribers engaged through a welcome series, you can start sending them weekly rounds of informative and engaging emails. These emails can link to your blog / site where you can offer them more resources, tips, tricks, among others. Tip: Make it useful and be sure to solve problems!

Some of the other things you can do are the following:

  • Free webinars
  • Free downloads
  • Holiday offers
  • Post purchase offers

Remember, the goal is establish yourself as a leader in your industry, while promoting the best deals you have in store for them. But don’t go too hard on the sell. One in every four or so is okay to do the hard sell but try to build credibility and trust first and foremost. When they’re ready they will come to you.

So now that you’ve nurtured that relationship with them… it’s time for the final step!

Step 3: Convert


This is the best part… your prospects are now ready to purchase from you and become customers! Since you’ve already built that relationship with them, they now trust you enough to part with their money. You’ve improved your sales process out of sight!

You don’t really have a lot of things to do in this stage because you’ve already built a lot of that trust and rapport through your nurturing campaign, but we have the following tips for you do to keep your customers happy:

Deliver on your promises. Make sure that you provide the kind of quality of product / service that you promised! Remember, you worked really hard to acquire and nurture your leads, you wouldn’t want to fail at the final step, right?

Offer exceptional customer service. Whenever your customers have pre or post sale questions, answer them promptly and politely. When we get a quote request from our website, we try to call the prospect immediately. It’s amazing how many people will sit on inbound leads for a day or more!  (BTW, if you’d like to chat about a website, Get a Free Quote here!)

Have the initiative to always lend a hand even when they don’t ask for it. It’s better to be overly helpful than to have unsatisfied customers!

Continue to nurture them.  The funnel does not end when customers make their first purchase. In fact, it loops back to nurturing them so they become repeating customers. You should have a sequence for prospects and also a nurturing sequence for customers, each of them receiving different content from you.

The key to the success in a business is to create customers who create customers… and you can only do this when you provide the best customer journey. From acquisition then nurture, right up to the post-conversion stage, you must always give it your best!

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Are you excited to create a marketing funnel for your business? What steps are you planning to make for you to acquire, nurture, and convert leads into paying customers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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