15 Ways to Use Facebook in Business

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Everyone’s buzzing about Facebook friends these days, but there’s a lot more you can do with the site than just catch up with old schoolmates. Here are 15 ways you can use Facebook in business.

15 Reasons & Ways to use Facebook in your business:

1. Customer Service

One of the easiest ways to use Facebook is for business is as a platform for communicating with your customers! Zappos is an excellent example of this. Use your Fan Page as a platform for open discussion with customers (past, current, or prospective!).

2. Make your business personal

What’s happening in your company? Facebook is a great place to talk about developments in your industry, introduce your staff, and keep your clients in the loop about all the latest happenings of your biz. Let customers know who’s behind the scenes at your store. Remember, people like to buy from those that they know, like, and trust. This is your chance to let the world get to know you!

3. Connect with other businesses

Just like you can use a Fan Page as a means of communication with clients, you can also use it network with other businesses. Send In the Troops is one of many pages that exist solely for helping small businesses on Facebook connect with one another.


4. Find new clients

Ever wish you knew exactly who is talking about your industry? Facebook Search lets you find groups, other businesses, and people based on keywords.


5. Run contests, and promotions

A Facebook Fan Page is the perfect place to debut a new product, offer a special, or run a contest! This a great way get attention for your business and drive traffic to your website. A word of caution though: There are strict guidelines for how contests can be done on Facebook so make sure to do your homework before you launch!

6. Create a custom URL so you’re easier to find

Building a web presence is all about branding, so your Facebook Page shouldn’t be any exception. You can get a vanity URL (e.g. Facebook.com/YourCompany) so your Page is easy to find and consistent with your brand.


7. Promote your products & services

The people who are fans of your Page are already interested (if not already invested!) in your business, so you should be telling them about what your company has to offer. This shouldn’t be the ONLY thing you talk about, but it should definitely be among your primary topics. The people who have “liked” your Page are there because they’re interested!

8. Present yourself as an expert.

Share industry-related articles or useful tips so everyone will know that you know what you’re talking about. You might not think of yourself an expert, but within the field of your business I’m sure you know more than most! Posting about headlines in your industry or “how to” suggestions for customers establishes your expertise within your field and builds consumer confidence.

9. Learn more about your existing clients.

The average person has massive amounts of information and data in their Facebook profile. Once someone has “liked” your Fan Page, you are able to view the demographics of who has a demonstrated interest in your business. Get to know your fans! These details about their age, gender, and location can help you tailor your content to better suit your audience.


10. Promote products by posting discounts

Reward your fans’ loyalty and attract new fans by offering discounts through Facebook. If your primary business is offline, try something like “Get $20 off your next order by mentioning you saw us on on Facebook”, or if selling through your website you can use a unique discount code. (Hint: If you “like” Web123 you’ll find a special offer on our Welcome app!) Your Fan Page is also a great place to promote sales that you’re doing in your shop already — let the world know!

11. Promote events

Conferences, festivals, charity dinners… Facebook is a great place to talk about events! You can create event listings and then invite your friends and fans. Post the event to your wall and send messages to the potential attendees to generate a buzz.


12. Join communities related to your industry

Use the Search tool to find other pages and groups related to your business. Whether you’re looking to scope out the competition, find inspiration, or get help from other professionals in your niche, it’s a great way to make connections online.

13. Reward customer loyalty

Is there someone who has become your company’s unofficial brand cheerleader? Recognise the goodwill (and free advertising!) that person is doing for your company by showing your thanks. Whether by helping promote that person’s business in return, offering them a special gift or discount, or just publically saying “thank you”, make sure customer loyalty online doesn’t go unnoticed.

14. Get traffic to your website

Your Facebook Page is a micro-version of your website, so naturally it’s the perfect platform for getting more traffic over to your actual site! Post links to products, services, news stories, blog posts or anything else that might be of interest to your Facebook audience.

15. Use check-ins to meet your walk-ins

If your store has a physical location, you can use Facebook Places to see who is visiting your store. Find out how to claim your Place listing here.



How are you using Facebook for your company? Connect with Web123’s Fan Page for more tips on how to maximise your business online.


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