12 Things You’re NOT Doing to Stay Out of The Spam Folder

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I work hard to provide valuable blogs to my readers, and the reason I put so much effort into them is because I am thankful for you guys for following me. You deserve someone who puts the time and effort into giving you something useful.

Last night was one of the many nights when I gave my 200% focus to a blog entry.  I finished writing it along with the email copy at around 10pm. It was tiring, but VERY fulfilling to do knowing that it will benefit you all so much. 

And then it hit me.

How frustrating must it be if all that effort was for nothing, simply because the email I wrote went straight into your spam folder… or what if you just delete the email because you find NO VALUE in it? It would hurt my pride… A LOT!

Thankfully I’ve learnt a few tricks in my time to help me avoid that. And it’s those tricks I want to impart on you today. 

We all give our very best when creating quality content. Trust me, you can’t get away with substandard emails today… it’s all about quality these days. It doesn’t matter if you have a thousand articles to share, what matters is the value of those articles to your customers.

Will it help them be familiar with a certain subject? Will it entertain and make their day? Will it make running their business easier? Will it give them more sales?

If there’s one thing we can’t afford, it’s to be in the SPAM or TRASH folder. 

So how do we avoid being in that unfortunate situation? I have 12 easy breezy tips that you can apply to your emails from this day forward to make sure that it lands and stays in your reader’s INBOX and not find its way into their trash or spam folder!

1. Avoid Using Spammy Language Like…

… “You won!” , “I have a million dollar proposal for you”, “You are our raffle’s lucky winner”, “Inheritance Announcement”, “Viagra”, etc.


Did you ever get an email saying you won an amount of $1M in a raffle you never even participated in? I’m sure you have!

You’ll be amazed how even the most reputable of businesses will justify making such outlandish claims and believe that they will get you to open an email.

Now, unless you’re serious about giving me that amount, I suggest you rephrase your message. The phrases above are mostly used by spammers; using them will likely get you in trouble too!

2. Excessive Punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You’re so excited!!!!!! This email is SO amazing!!!!! I understand, but please refrain from using excessive punctuation!!!!!!!!!!!

If you must use an exclamation point, one is advisable; three is pushing the envelope. But more than that? Nope! Don’t even think about it. Four or more exclamation points just screams, SPAM! SPAM! SPAM! Let’s avoid that.



Do you know that it’s rude to capitalise all your characters? Many find the capitalisation of ALL WORDS unacceptable because it is associated with screaming. And we’re not screaming or angry, are we?

If you want to put emphasis on a certain sentence, use bold text or just capitalise a word or two. But remember not to overdo it.

Bolding a phrase is a great way to direct a reader’s attention, but if everything is bolded it loses it’s impact.

4. Seek Permission When Sending a New Type of Email.


One subscriber signs up to get updates on your first business. You then send them a barrage of emails about your second business.
Result: SPAM / TRASH!

Unless you’ve clearly stated in your opt-in form that you will be sending updates about ALL your businesses (Business 1, Business 2, Business 3); then you must only send subscribers what they signed up for.

Doing otherwise will likely result in the reader blocking ALL your emails, or even worse, report you as spammer to your email supplier. Yikes!

One solution is to send the occasional invitation email to join the second business’ mailing list. And by occasional I mean every 2 months. Remember you can’t sacrifice your excellent mailing list just to try and get them onboard with your new business.

5. Use Normal Font Size.

It is understandable to use slightly bigger font sizes for headlines and important texts. But if your whole email is filled up with sized 30 characters, expect your receivers to be annoyed.

6. Don’t Include Too Many Images.

The tendency of spammers is to use huge images which hide naughty words that are banned by spam filters. Unfortunately using too many images may result in your email being sent to a spam folder anyway. What a dilemma huh?!

Maintain a good text to image ratio in your email copy. Besides, your readers want VALUABLE content, not a portfolio of images.

7. Don’t Include Too Many Links.

Let’s say you have 150 words in your email. If the copy in an email is this short and contains 10 clickable links, then I can guarantee that your readers will get sick of you quickly and get rid of your spammy emails.

I like to focus on having a singule link in my emails. It keeps my email nicely focused, though I don’t see any harm in having the occasional second link if it’s relevant, useful and supports the point you are making.

8. Check Where Your Links Are Pointing To.

Even if you have quality content and a limited number of images and links, if these links are pointing to a spammy site or to a dreaded “nothing found here” 404 page, you might still get deleted or reported as spam.

This incident may also cause you to lose the trust of your readers, and it won’t be easier to gain it back once you’ve lost it. Always check and re-check where your links are pointing to to make sure they are safe for your readers to click!

9. Avoid Using Too Much Red Text, Bold and Underline.


Red text isn’t very eye-friendly. There’s no need to use this glaring color to get someone’s attention. Bold text will do the job for you nicely, just don’t go overboard.

10. Don’t Send Multiple Emails Everyday.

Treat your subscriber’s inbox with respect. Do not send them multiple emails a day, especially if those emails are nothing but marketing materials demanding they buy, buy, buy.

Understand that your subscribers may be expecting important messages and your multiple emails might cause them to glaze over when they see your barrage of spam.

Depending on the nature of your emails, monthly, fortnightly and weekly emails are usually comfortable rates of delivery for your readers. It’s frequent enough that they won’t forget you, but not too frequent that they think you are a pest.

11. Email Within 3 Days of Opting In.

Do not wait until your subscribers forget why they subscribed to you before you send them an email. It’s amazing how many people forget they actually signed up to you in the first place, especially if they get their first email 6 months later!

Sending them an email later than 3 days after they have opted in may cause them to mark you as spam, especially if they no longer remember signing up for your newsletters in the first place.

I like to send them something straight away, like a thank you email. That way, they know you are there.

12. Avoid Spam Words.

Most email programs automatically identify spammy buzzwords. Using these words too often can alert email programs and instruct them to doom you to the swirling blackhole that is the junk folder. Some of the words are:


This is just the tip of the iceberg… but don’t worry…. you can find an entire list of spammy words here.

Why Is Email Marketing is SO Important to Your Business?

Email Marketing when done right can give you a tremendous boost to your business.

I’ve previously mentioned in my past Email Marketing blogs that Email Marketing is a huge part of Web123’s marketing strategy, and I would go as far as to say that it is even more important than our social media effort.

This is because it has consistently brought us more leads and successful sales than any other form of marketing we employ here. So make sure you take on board these lessons, because they can help boost the effectiveness of your Email Marketing and give you the more leads and sales than ever before.

Do your read the emails in your spam folder? Do you delete unwanted and low-quality emails? Did you find these tips helpful to your Email Marketing Campaign? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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