12 Essential Video Marketing Tips You Must Know About

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YouTube and embedded video has been the coolest invention since sliced bread.  It gives individuals the opportunity to post videos to the World Wide Web. This can be anything from a step-by-step tutorial on how to make Grandma’s world famous chocolate chip cookies, to your dumb friend who missed the first step and fell down a flight of stairs.


From a business perspective, these options have a different purpose.  Videos serve as another marketing tool to drive traffic, raise engagement, provide information and hopefully increase conversion on your site.  Not every video goes viral though.  For every video with a million views there are millions with less than hundred.  With that being said, here are 12 essential video marketing tips you must know to ensure your video is seen.


1. Keep it Short

In this current ADD generation and with so much do to on the Internet, it’s important to keep videos short to make sure that users view your whole video. The last thing you want is for viewers to skip through or click away, instead of fully understanding the whole message you’re trying to convey. Try to keep videos between 2-5 minutes long ensures maximum exposure before they see another new funny cat video that’s been posted.


2. Measure the results

YouTube has its own analytics page to help you break down all the data on the people viewing your videos.  Besides the basic views, administrators can check out the engagement, demographics, traffic sources and audience retention. There are also a plethora of third party applications and websites to further crunch numbers.


3. Humor is always the best policy

Unless you have an incredibly compelling message like Kony, people tend to run away quickly from more boring or serious topics.  Putting a light-hearted, funny spin on something that may be dull or lackluster always sees better results.


4. Simple is better

We all don’t have the budget of GoDaddy or Coca-Cola to spend millions upon millions of dollars on marketing and advertising.  Special effects and green screens are probably way over our heads.  We may not even have enough to go out and hire an inspiring actor to be the face of our campaign.  That’s why the simpler it is the better it is.  Use the minds and bodies of your in-house talent to create viral gold.


5. Consistency

It’s important to stay consistent with all your branded videos.  Do you have an opening/closing screen?  Does someone have a tagline slogan?  Are people in the videos always wearing company apparel?  These small nuances help viewers recognise your style and remember your company later.


6. Publish Regularly

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and bank on it going viral. You’ll be very disappointed when your video has a grand total of 15 views.  It also is wrong to just set it and forget it.  Don’t post videos for purely SEO purposes either.  Posting videos regularly has multiple advantages.  The obvious one being, the more videos you have online the better opportunity of someone viewing your video.

Creating videos on multiple subjects gives your brand a broader audience to reach.  The other being the more regularly you post, the more your subscribers will see different videos, share the ones they like and help build your audience.


7. Include Others

Every video doesn’t have to be about you and your company. It is rare to find a search result based solely on a brand.  People are online to find information or be entertained.  Interviewing experts or having guest speakers on your industry or niche can broaden your horizons and make you become more trusted.


8. Tutorials

There are two types of learners, those who can soak up everything they need from a book and the ones who need to be stimulated visually.  Video tutorials can also be the immediate answer that people are looking over an article written by an author who is trying to show off their higher education to the world.  Tutorials are great for products that have multiple uses or complicated directions.


9. Demonstrations

Demonstrations can help seal the deal on a service or a product.  Video demonstrations help customers visually connect, seeing exactly what a brand product or service does, individually or collectively.


10. Be First

Copying others and following what has worked in the past is an easy thing to get caught up in, but don’t be afraid to be the first.  There is a reason those videos were successful.  Fear of failure seems to always be the first thing on everyone’s mind; however the ones that think outside the box and are original are the ones doing big things.


11. Inspire

Videos that touch our emotions or inspire us are some of the most likely type of videos to spread like wildfire across the Internet.  A perfect example of this would be TED Talks.  TED invites some of the most brilliant minds and best speakers to give speeches to inspire the masses to inform, think differently and do great things.


12. Follow Up

Following up with your published videos can be a great tool in generating new ideas or content.  The best part about using user generated websites like YouTube or Vimeo is that users do a lot of the work for you.  Respond to the comments, create more videos on what viewers want to see or are asking questions about.  It’s a great way to build an audience.

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