12 Creative Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

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Quick question: How well do you know video marketing?

You probably have an idea about it, but have never thought of using it as your primary medium to get conversions.

I don’t blame you, video marketing wasn’t such a big deal before. It’s hard to do, takes a lot of time, and only gets viewed by a dozen or two.

Not to mention the sheer nail-biting terror of getting in front of a camera!

But here’s some news…

Times have changed, and if you aren’t into video marketing this year, you’re definitely gonna be on the back foot…

Why? Because here’s the real deal: 

There are about 100 million Internet users who watch online video each day. That’s a lotta potential new customers.

Not convinced yet? Here are more facts that may change your mind:

  • According to the Online Publishers Association, 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took some positive action after viewing the ad.
  • According to ComScore, 64% of website visitors are to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video.


Would you want to lose that 64% chance of getting more sales and leads?

I’m guessing not. So saddle up as today we’re going to teach you 12 creative ways you can use video to pull in more conversions for your business.

Business Overview

Want your potential customers to get to know your business in the quickest way possible? Don’t make them wade through pages and pages of web copy. Instead, simplify what your vision and mission is about in a creative video. Even just a two-minute video is a lot of time for you to connect with your views and convince them to choose YOU over your competitors.

Get to know your staff

Introducing your staff in a video helps you gain the trust of your videos. When they know who is behind the chatbox, they can be more open to sharing their thoughts, suggestions, and complaints with you.

Customer Testimonials / Success Stories

Testimonials are vital but like they say, it’s easy to create a striking commercial paired with a common name. This is why it’s more effective to put a face to the name. Share your success stories by asking your customers to send you a video testimonial. They don’t need to be gone with the wind, just a simple webcam video will do the trick.

Product Presentation

If you want your leads to understand what you do, or what makes your product stand out from the rest, ditch the lengthy paragraph and explain the strong points through a video. It’s far more compelling than text and can draw in additional traffic from YouTube too… double bonus!

How-to Videos

The best way to teach your customers on how to use your product correctly is to show them how to do it. Although step-by step photos work really well, a video demonstration would be so much better!

Product reviews from vloggers

Ever heard of the term ‘vlog’? No, I didn’t misspell the world. Vlog means a blog done through a video instead of text. This is a very popular marketing strategy today. With the help of vloggers, you can get your product in front of more people quickly at a very low-cost.

Animated video stories

I see a lot of animated videos being shared in some of the most popular social media networks — because they work. Especially those cartoon type hand-drawn videos, man those stats on holding viewer attention are insane.  So this is the perfect time for you to join in the fun. You can create an animated video story for your business without a huge amount of effort. There’s some really talented people out there willing to do the majority of work for you at a pretty competitive price.

Pre-sales videos

In addition to publishing answers to frequently asked pre-sales questions, why not create a video for each of them as well, coming straight from your salespeople? I’m pretty sure it’d go a long way to moving them closer to a deal… come to think of it, I think I’m going to use that idea myself.

Post-sales videos

Let’s be honest here, manuals only gets used when something bad happens to the product. They’re boring and confusing, so a lot of people would rather look at an online video installation tutorial rather than read the manual. Be the ultimate source of information by providing your buyers the installation/setup tutorial they need. Additionally, you can also teach them about proper maintenance, warranty and servicing etc depending on your business.

Advertising materials

Not to be confused with product presentation, advertising videos are a big thing in the marketing industry today. Focus on your unique selling point, aside from the features and benefits of your video. “Why you; why your product and not something else?”

Feel Good Videos

Have you seen the most viral video of 2013? It’s from Dove and it’s about embracing your own beauty. It doesn’t talk about how their soap is better than milk, or how affordable it is. It focuses on the feeling of looking at yourself and seeing a beautiful woman in the reflection, which is why it gained so many shares – giving Dove the best marketing experience they’ve ever had. You can do the same for your brand. Remember, it doesn’t have to be about you…

Event videos

If you have any event coming up, make your landing page convert more by including a quick video presentation of what your event will be about. Introduce your speakers and highlight the topics to increase sign-ups. This could also work well for sale events.


This new year, don’t be afraid to try something new. Hire an expert to create entertaining videos for you, and get the results that you want for your business. Yes, video marketing is hard and takes time, but the value you get out of it makes it soooo worth it. So why not try it out?!

Which of the 12 uses do you like most? Let us know in the comments below!

What do you think? Share your comments below.

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