10 Tips For Starting Your Social Media Strategy

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There’s a lot of potential customers on social networks. The trick is working out which platforms your ideal customer are using… and then, if that social platform can work for you and your brand.


It seems Australian web users are a social lot. Half our ENTIRE population uses Facebook let alone all the other social options; that’s a LOT of reasons why you should have a social strategy for your business.



  1. Don’t neglect your website – unless you’re an ebay seller, that’s your most important digital asset.
  2. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose one social site first and engage with your audience on a deeper level.
  3. Know who you’re talking to and what they want to hear.
  4. Be consistent. Post every day.
  5. Plan ahead. Know what you’re going to write about before its time to write or you’ll procrastinate!
  6. Practice 4 to 1 posting karma: For every 1 self-promo post you should post 4 educational or entertaining posts.
  7. Real engagement counts. Reply to your fans.
  8. Get a like, give a like. If fans follow you, return the favour.
  9. Cross promote between platforms. If you DO have multiple platforms (eg Facebook, Twitter and a blog on your website), post links between your social accounts.
  10. Time is money, if you can’t leverage the social media platform effectively, don’t go there.


And here is a bonus tip… you need to care. Care about helping and educating your potential customers… even if they NEVER become customers. That sort of authenticity impresses the pants off readers, and strangely, not being salesy can generate a lot more sales in the long run!


Which platform to choose?

To decide on your best platform, you first need to know where Aussies are socialising. Find out what the biggest social platforms in Australia are… you might be surprised!

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