10 Shortcuts For Managing Your Online Presence.

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We all know we need to be online for our business. We know we need to be social too. But there’s a problem we all share: lack of time. You’re so busy running your business, and I know it’s ironic, but who has the time to find time-saving apps and shortcuts?

We do!

Never fear my webby friends, I’ve got some of the best shortcuts for managing your online presence right here.

Your Shortcut tips, tricks & apps…

  1. Know what you need to achieve online.

    Now this tip isn’t technically an app, but it will make your life easier. We all know the big online goal is more sales, but how do you get there? You need to work out what needs to improve, right now. Here’s a hint, it’s going to be one of two problems:

    a) is your website converting visitors into customers fairly well, but you just don’t have enough web traffic?

    b) Is there OK traffic but you just can’t get a sale or an online enquiry to save your life?

    So know your online goals, and only spend time on things that will directly help this.

  1. Let the data guide you.

    Setting up Google Analytics (GA) on your website is THE most important thing you can do. It only takes a moment to do, but yes, it takes a little longer to get your head around the way they present their stats.

    Before you freak out, there’s help at hand. Here’s some helpful GA video tutorials, watch these and it will start making a lot of sense; you’ll soon have the power to take action based on facts, not guesswork. Thats the key to a profitable website.

  2. Social media – Facebook Insights.

    It might not seem like much, but every non-engaging post costs you time for very little reward. Check out the insights page on Facebook. Have a look at all your posts and see what got the highest engagement and try to recreate the magic in future posts. Hopefully it won’t be a cat meme! 😉

    Example of Facebook Insights Page.

  3. Bulk schedule all your social media posts.

    Post Planner is a Facebook tool that saves you up to two hours per day. It even tells you the best time to post so you get the most engagement and likes. Simply install it as an application on your Facebook account and then voila, you can put your scheduling on autopilot. Now, the only thing left to do is write something your fans will love. Enjoy!

    Post Planner, a massive time saver.

  4. Share what you find online, the easy way.

    Buffer is a great way to automate sharing the cool stuff you find online; it even automatically schedules your shared posts at a time that your fans are most likely to be looking.

    It’s the ultimate lazy social media sharer’s app! It’s a fantastic scheduler, and ensures your shared posts are spread out and timed perfectly, but unfortunately you still have to write the actual posts!
    Buffer: an awesome way to automatically share articles on your social networks.

  5. Get a Virtual Assistant.

    Ever wish you could afford a P.A. to schedule your week and handle all those little tasks you keep putting off? How about someone to reply to your emails and messages that come in from your website? Check this US company out! From $99 a month you could free up a heap of time to focus on the tasks that really matter (i.e. that make you money!).

    Zirtual: Your very own executive assistant, for a fraction of the cost.

  6. How to get graphics done fast (and free).

    People pay more attention to pretty things, it’s true. Why else do they have swimsuit models at car shows and tech conferences? But, creating ‘wow’ visuals isn’t easy for most of us. That’s why I love Canva. It’s the best shortcut to create amazing branded images for your website and your social media platforms, quick smart.
    Canva: the easiest way to create graphics.

  7. Kill the distraction.

    Need to write a few blogs for your website? It’s easy to get distracted in ‘research’ because the internet is basically a time-sucking vampire (tho still fun!). So, once you’ve got the info you need to work, it’s time to switch the net off for a while. Freedom is an app designed to lock you away from the net for a set period of time. Used by a lot of big internet marketers, it’s as much a psychological block as it is a technical block; and it’s the ultimate shortcut it will save you so much time that you might actually close the door on your office before 9pm.

  8. Social media (keyboard) shortcuts.

    Yep, you didn’t think we could get away without offering you at least one keyboard ‘shortcut’ list, did you?? This one is a biggy too…


  9. The shortest shortcutts of them all: SEO simplified.

    Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam department, he also works on search engine optimization issues. The reason I’m telling you this is because he’s ‘the dude’ when it comes to SEO wisdom; seriously, you want the info in his head.

    Luckily he’s recorded about 500 videos answering webmaster questions on everything from SEO to web design, development and Google penalties. But, who has the time to watch 500 YouTube videos?? The solution is this shortcutts website. It’s an online directory for all his videos, AND you get the answer summarised in a single line.

    No getting bogged down in geek-speak, it’s all to the point. It’s awesome, where else can you find out what really matters in a single sentence?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of shortcuts. You might not need to use them all, but if even one awesome shortcut can make managing your online presence easier, then you owe it to yourself to try it out! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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